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  1. Other Vehicles
    The latest iteration in a long lineage of V-12 powered Lamborghini supercars is here in the form of the Aventador. Named after a fighting bull that won trophies for its bloody and violent fights, this machine looks to win some awards of its own. These ADV5C Tack Spec CS custom forged wheels add...
  2. Other Vehicles
    When you hear the word "quattro" you instantaneously think Audi. When you hear the words "Sports Car", a four door hatchback doesn't particularly come to mind. The Audi RS7 changes that line of thinking with its born from rally racing all-wheel drive system and twin turbo V8 putting out over 550...
  3. Wheels
    Well that didn't take long… We got our hands on a brand new C7 Vette and was the first to do the 20/21 setup. Customer wanted to go with a set of HRE P40SC's. What do you guys think? Specs: 20x9 21x11
  4. Wheels
    Yeah, this thing is pretty much awesome. Huge thanks to Giancarlo for including us in another successful build! Amazing work man! Wheel Setup: ADV05.1 SL 20x9.0 / 20x12.0 Matte black powder coating
  5. The Lounge
    Guys, We want you all to experience the NEW HRE Wheels showroom here in Miami. Dedicated fully to HRE and HRE only! If you're in the area we highly encourage you to come by and see it in person. We are so proud of it we even encourage you to take the day off and fly in and see it! Also...
  6. Wheels
    Hey guys, I wanted to put together a little showcase a few GT-R's that we have done here at Wheels Boutique. All of the pictures below are ACTUAL cars we have done. We don't just slap our logo on photos. Beware of other companies that only carry brands that no one else carries. There is a...
  7. Other Vehicles
    No words, just win! Audi R8 V10 HRe P47SC Brushed Orange by wheels_boutique, on Flickr Audi R8 V10 HRe P47SC Brushed Orange by wheels_boutique, on Flickr Audi R8 V10 HRe P47SC Brushed Orange by wheels_boutique, on Flickr Audi R8 V10 HRe P47SC Brushed Orange by wheels_boutique, on Flickr...
  8. Wheels & Tires
    We did the very first GTR on Pirelli's 375/20/21's back in 2009 on a set of HRE's (http://www.6speedonl...75-20-21-a.html). But as we all know that tire set up is not the "correct" overall rolling diameter for the GTR. It is smaller than stock. Here at Wheels Boutique, we did a little R&D for...
  9. Wheels
    I'm a sucker for a silver GT-R on Brushed wheels. Simple and clean! 2012 GT-R ADV5.1 20x11 20x12 Brushed Cleared Race Prep Pkg, reduced weight 1.5 pounds per corner. Toyo R888 285/35/20 315/30/20 Alcon BBK
  10. Wheels
    Wanted to take a quick second and share Phase 1 of this built. FabShopMiami (Douglas) will be taking this 2012 GTR, yanking motor, tranny and doing a full on build. Stay tuned on this project as we will be posting constant updates.. Phase 1: Install ADV1 Wheels Specs: ADV08 Track Spec 21x10.5...
  11. Wheels
    Stay tuned for more pics and new photo shoots. Of course PM me for pricing as we are HRE's #1 Dealer and Distributor in the World. We can provide you with Full Wheel and tires packages with TPMS pre-installed into your wheels, ready for you to put them on and go for a drive.
  12. Wheels
    Take a sneak peek of whats to come.... Vista CA) eGarage has an exclusive behind the scenes look at what the creative minds over at HRE Performance Wheels are getting ready to reveal to world here in 2011. The word so far is that this new successor to the HRE 790R wheels will be called the...
1-12 of 12 Results