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  1. Engine
    Myth i guess?? .. I was filming yesterday using the Insta360 cam, and when i watched the video I was surprised to see flames shoot, given I'm on sh*tty 95 RON pump gas, and having the resonated HKS mp (Alpha catless dp, Legamax btw). I always hear the bang (when i let go of the gas after a WOT...
  2. R35 GT-R
    The numbers are finally available for the Fringe XVO Gen II WOT Afterburner Exhaust Tips and we are now able to take your pre-orders. These are built using the same 100% laser-cut and TIG welded construction methods as used on the Gen 1 tips and utilize the exact same fitment solutions. These...
  3. Engine
    OK, Now i know this might sound weird and seem like there is a mechanical problem but i can honestly say it has only happened 3 times 1 being more recent. When my exhaust was first installed, (HKS legamax mid pipe and Meisterschaft exhaust) as I'm driving it home i get on it a little bit not...
1-3 of 3 Results