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  1. North East
    There will be a trunk or treat event at ACI Dynamix in Seymour, CT 15OCT2021 from 5-10pm. AWD 3 pulls dyno run $120/early booking or $150/day of. Better to book in advance as ACI’s shows get packed! $20 event entry fee. If you are not familiar with ACI Dynamix, you need to change that...
  2. Southeast
    Hey all, I am looking for any recommendations for wrap shops around Alabama Birmingham or Atlanta. ideally i would be able to find someone that could wrap the GTR in a green chrome or satin green. If someone has first hand experience any input would be appreciated. My backup plan if i can't...
  3. Interior & Exterior
    Hey all, Wanted to ask for those who have had their aftermarket parts wrapped in the past. Did the part have to be primed and painted prior to the wrap so it can stick? Will just priming it work? I've attached some of the pics of the parts during the install for reference. Thank you! P.s Hope...
  4. GT-R Media
    I have a bunch of kind followers on Instagram who put their time and effort to come up with drawings, sketches, replicas etc... on my GTR (@Gwynethbluepearl) - Here's a couple. Hope you like em! Share yours too!! Someone made my GTR on forza, even got the...
  5. GT-R Media
    Hey yall, If you guys dont know, the GTR tax is very real. I got quotes from wrap shops with an average $5,000 quote. I thought this was absurd. So a couple of my buddies, located out of state, are freelance vinyl wrappers and we knocked out my GTR within 48 hours. I was really nervous about...
  6. Other Vehicles
    Thinking of wrapping my 1968 Camaro SSColor Option?Gloss Black00.00%Satin Black00.00%Satin Gray/Nardo5100.00%Wheel Option?AmericanRacing in Satin Black240.00%Forgeline GA3 in Satin Black360.00%
  7. R35 GT-R
    Hey fam! Finally bought a R35 last week and am finally in the GTR family! Got this 2013 with 15k miles on it running the AAM GT800R kit on it. Now Im just looking for the right flex fuel kit to get and Ill be set! Hear the E85 addiction is real. So stoked to be a part of this community now!
  8. Southeast
    Looking for a good shop that does both the vinyl wrap and the ceramic coating around Augusta. I am closer to Augusta so I would prefer there, but if I have to go closer to Atlanta that would be fine. Also, what are people paying around here for full wrap and/or ceramic coatings? Thanks.
  9. Mid West
    Anyone know a place to get a car wrapped around Chicago? I just need to get a clear wrap done on at least the front of the car, preferably Xpel Ultimate.
  10. Interior & Exterior
    So just another weekend project i tackled by wrapping the stock spoiler/wing.. I removed the wing and the center pedestal.. the end pedestals i left on. i also used the same carbon fiber and black film and cut circle stickers to cover the screw holes..i used the knifmeless tape for the seams...
  11. GT-R Media
    So after debating on doing it for two years, I finally decided to go ahead and get my car wrapped. The wrap guys did a fantastic job, and it came out exactly how I envisioned it when I designed it on Forza lol. The Satin Pearl White is REALLY hard to photograph with a cell phone camera though...
  12. R35 GT-R
    I got the Nismo to use as my daily drive and to track it. Of course, after the first day at the track, it was obvious how hard that would be on the paint. I needed to decide on a bra, wrap, PPF, etc, but wanted to keep the Nismo trim. GTRLife members like CarTeks (who's shared with us his...
  13. R35 GT-R
    Hi Guys, new to the forum here. I purchased this 2014 Premium, Jet Black / Red Amber interior GTR a couple of months ago, and I plan to drive it a lot, even in winter. (I sold my Supercharged C6 Corvette with 112,000 miles on it!). Knowing what that does to the paint, I decided to give it the...
  14. Mid Atlantic
    Perhaps I'm not slick with the search but I didn't see any that were recent. I'm considering wrapping my car and live in the Western burbs of DC. I'm willing to travel a bit for a decent job. Does anyone have any experience with this? Know good shops in the area? Pictures of results? Thanks!
  15. Other Vehicles
    A few weeks ago some of the guys up at Elicit Design Solutions in Charlotte contacted me about getting a photoshoot together with some of their most recently wrapped cars. Chris, the owner of the shop wanted to show off the new premium vinyl wrap he'd done on his wife's C300 Mercedes, I hadn't...
  16. GT-R Media
    So I decided to change the look of my car a bit, what do you guys think? Hmmmm Carbon I really enjoy the new wrap, It resembles the R34 and that is exactly the look I was going for
  17. Interior & Exterior
    Who is the wrap master in the US for a GTR colour change? I'm looking to get it done on my way down to TX2K15 from my Igloo in Alberta. Thanks all!
  18. R35 GT-R
    FINAL ROUND, I'M IN THE TOP 4! PLEASE VOTE ONE LAST TIME EVERYONE! WINNER OF THIS ROUND GOES TO SEMA! Hey Guys, I need help from my friends. I'm in the "Wrap Like A King" contest from Avery / West Coast Customs. I need votes! Please sign up and vote for me so I can go to SEMA ! Also please...
  19. R35 GT-R
    Hey guys, So I hate to do this but could you guys please vote for my friends GTR ? Takes 2 min, you can sign up using facebook/twitter or just use an email address. He already made it to Round 2 so he is CLOSE! Voting link! Some...
  20. Engine
    I have a question that I would like to seek advice on. How effective is it, if you wrap your intake piping and intercooling piping with a heat shield wrap? Would you notice any cooler intake intake temperatures and is it worth the trouble to wrap it. I have a FBO running E85.
1-20 of 40 Results