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  1. Hi,

    Newbie Intro
    Well, just last weekend my driver side quarter window was smashed by somebody with a rock I guess. I have a 2009, and am having no luck finding a replacement. 83307JF00B Curious if the 2012 and up window would fit.
  2. WTB
    Hey guys, preparing myself for the next item to purchase in the next month or 2. I was wondering if anyone has the JCR GT Wing (matte finish) & Revozport Trunk with the high level brake light (matte finish) and is willing to ship to Saudi Arabia. Contact: PM Email: [email protected]
  3. WTB
    Looking for a pair of Enkei PF01 18x9.5 ET15 Fronts. No tires. Black color. - golfitup at g mail dot com - Pic of product: Location: Greensboro, NC Shipping To: Greensboro, NC Price: > than $300 per wheel - paypal Please PM phone number if you have one.
  4. WTB
    Looking for CCW C14 wheels in pairs or whole sets. Pairs could be 18x10.5 or 18x12 and sets need to be 18x10.5/12. GT-R Fitment only. Color does not matter. - golfitup at g mail dot com - Pic of product: Location: Greensboro, NC Shipping To: Greensboro, NC Price: > $1,000 per pair paypal...
  5. WTB
    Looking for a used DSC Sport Controller - golfitup at g mail dot com - Pic of product: Model #: 02-0R35-06-V1 Location: Greensboro, NC Shipping To: Greensboro, NC Price: > $1,000 paypal Please PM phone number if you have one.
  6. WTB
    Hello, I am interested in buying this wheel used for $1500. 01519 (my location and shipping location). massdojo(at) (picture attached) Link to wheel (new)
  7. WTB
    Please delete - intakes purchased. Thanks!
  8. Wheels & Tires
    looking for a slightly used rear wheel for a 2013 premium model GTR. not repainted or refinished. no curb rash but might be able to work with small chips, etc.
  9. Exhaust
    Wanting to purchase a 90mm AAM resonated midpipe. If you have one for sale or are wanting to sell one, shoot me a PM. Looking to buy immediately. Thanks!
  10. Exterior & Interior
    Want to buy a gunmetal gray DBA Front bumper cover. Would consider other colors. You can text me (909) 547-4138 or DM.
  11. GT-R Ownership
    Hi all, I'm recently home from deployment and am finally in a position to comfortably own my dream car. I have nearly purchased a couple of GT-Rs over the last couple of weeks and thought I'd hop on the forums to see if I could benefit the community directly, rather than going through a dealer...
  12. R35 GT-R
    New to the forum and I guess I cannot post in the classified section. If this is in the wrong spot please redirect me or move it to wherever is appropriate. I am looking for an 09-11, color doesn't really matter, preferred gunmetal or black, but open to anything. <90,000 KM $50,000-$70,000...
  13. WTB
    Interested in picking one up. Please pm me if you have one you want to sell?
  14. WTB
    Paypal ready. Im in need of the updated taillights and a nice fitting carbon duckbill carbon trunk. Delivered to me in Lakeland FL 33812 Help me make my Christmas special. Ive been a good boy this year. LOL PM me or Text is quicker. 863-709- 39 fifity three
  15. WTB
    I am looking for a OEM Gunmetal Gray from bumper. Please email me if you have one available. TJ
  16. WTB
    What's up everyone, I'm looking to buy a set of Vorsteiner VFF-103 for my gtr. Located in Westchester County, NY - 30 mins north of NYC Best way to contact me is by email: zaperroni @ gmail .com With or without tires, & new or good-condition used Let's see what ya got! Thanks
  17. WTB
    Looking for a better deal than brand new if possible.. I have got some good deals for brand new, but would love to save more $ if you have one of these sitting around in 99% perfect condition LMK asap please... Gotboost Intakes Visconti V2 flex fuel kit Visconti Hardwire kit thanks! mike
  18. WTB
    Need a pair of 15mm spacers with the shorty lugs to install them. New or Used doesnt matter as long as I get a good deal. Paypal ready. PM me or text me at 863-709-3953 Thanks, Joe
1-20 of 46 Results