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  1. Other Vehicles
    We finished developing our rear diffuser for the C7 Stingray and Z06. More pics to come this weekend of it installed, but here's a sneak peak:
  2. Drag
    At the Street Car Drags event this past weekend I had a chance to run a C7 Z06 with a tune, CIA & drag radials. I trapped 132.4mph with just my own tune and an AAM resonated midpipe. The rest of the car is stock down to the paper filters. What's the point of putting downpipes on these cars...
  3. R35 GT-R
    Last week I took my car to Palm Beach Raceway to test my latest tune. I have a 2013 with a midpipe, MPSS tires and I tuned it myself running 93 octane. I think my car has a high 10.4 in it when the weather cools down and I up the launch rpm a bit. I need to get my 60 foot in the 1.5's and the...
  4. GT-R Ownership
    Hello, I'm interested in buying a GT-R Nismo for daily driving and track use at least once a month. I have never owned a GT-R, however, I have driven them on several occations. If you own a GT-R Nismo and track it, is it good? Have you had any problems with the car? Have you had good customer...
  5. GT-R Ownership
    12+ Black Edition or new Z06?GT-R3473.91%Z061226.09%
  6. GT-R Media
    Mods: Headers, Intake, E85 tune with flex kit, drag radials. Stock Boost level.
  7. GT-R Media
    Yup you read that right, Brand new Z06 already on the streets Not the best race but you can tell the z06 was pulling on the last race, FBO GT-Rs have nothing to worry about vs. a stock one, now one with mods might be a problem.
  8. Wheels & Tires
    Check out this tire smoking Jetstream Blue Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a set of Signature Series S5 wheels that is a definite must see! Chevrolet's iconic sports car comes equipped with a 7.0L V8 with 505hp from the factory which is a true definition of American muscle. That being said, the...
  9. GT-R Media
    Check out this video. The dude in the jeep definitely has a death wish. Though must of us would be in serious danger if we crashed at those spees, I think the guy with no windshield, no roof, no roll cage, no seat belts is beyond screwed. Absolute lunacy
  10. Other Vehicles
    I found this to be very motivating... Engine Stock shortblock 427, minus Mahle forged pistons (Assembled by me) BTR Camshaft Stock Heads ported by BTR/WCCH Fast 102MM intake manifold port...
  11. GT-R Media
    My brother was at the track today and lost his roof! There's a recall on the roof, so he was already getting a new one. GoPro pretty much caught it perfect lol. Skip to 1:10 for the fun
  12. Wheels
    The Corvette C6 Z06 has to be one of the most appealing muscle cars of all time. That being said, the team over at American Speed Factory sure knows how to make these Corvettes extremely fast! After installing a ton of high quality performance parts, they were able to get this Corvette Z06 to...
  13. GT-R Media
    Sorry for the low quality vid I need to get some new cameras and software for editing. here is a nice vid of a procharged Corvette C6 Z06 vs a modded ZX9 vs a Bolt-ons GTR 2008 C6 Z06 Quick Mods list (1009whp/937wtq @ 18psi) - 434ci LSX built by R.E.D. - Brodix 6bolt Heads - RPM...
  14. GT-R Media
    Check out Lashway Motorsports insane Corvette Z06! One word, WOW!!! Not only does this Z06 look gorgeous but it pulls hard too! All of you are familiar with Superior Auto Design as they're the go-to shop for vinyl wraps down here in Florida and do impeccable work. This Z06 was no exception as...
  15. Other Vehicles
    Corvette Z06 | #WEGOHARD All done and ready to take over the streets. Lashway Motorsports new MONSTER is terrorizing the streets of South Florida. We were given free reign on this build as to design, color and wheels and this is what we came up with. We wrapped the entire car in 3M's new matte...
  16. Other Vehicles
    By-Design out of Saudi Arabia brings us this latest project - a Chevy Z06 with upgrade ZR1 brakes and a new set of shoes. The customer ended up selecting a set of ADV5.01′s finished in a matte gunmetal to compliment the blue backdrop of American muscle. Special thanks to By-Design for providing...
  17. Wheels
    Want to give a HUGE thank you to the guys over at Horsepower Sales Florida for letting us be a part of their very own 1,000hp Corvette Z06 build!!! This Z06 is an absolute MONSTER sporting our R10 Wheels! We'll let the photos do the talking! Wheels: Strasse Forged R10 -19x10 /20x13 -Brushed...
1-20 of 25 Results