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  1. Interior & Exterior
    Anyone have the Revo RZ hood installed? Please share pics! I can't find many photos online except for a white & black GTR, and i'm considering this hood but not sure to paint match or keep cf. Thanks
  2. GT-R Build Threads
    Well this thread is looooong over due. I have been a long time semi lurker and owned my 2009 GTR since 2012 alot of this thread will be old pictures but I decided to finally document my car in sort of a timeline or the journey its been on and some milestones that have passed since owning the...
  3. Interior & Exterior
    New rexspeed side skirts. Installation was easy and fit quite well for my car!
  4. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    2012 Gun Metal Grey / Premium / Black interior Price $75,000 obo $69,000 Miles 33,800 VIN: JN1AR5EF3CM250675 Los Angeles, CA Modified (FBO flex fuel E85) Private Sale Original Owner - Title held by Nikkei Credit Union No Accidents ****************************** Local Pickup: Yes Shipping: Yes...
  5. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale -USED HKS KANSAI SERVICE Carbon Fiber GT-Wing ( - 2 months old. Light scratches, can be polished.SOLD -USED HKS KANSAI SERVICE Carbon Front Canard ( - 2 months old. mint/brand new condition. Dont want to...
  6. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    2013 Black/Black GTR for Sale (VIN: JN1AR5EF7DM260689) Location: Houston/Austin Texas Asking: $ 75,000 Contact Info: 936-525-8300 No accidents Non-smoker Interior: 9/10 - Minimal signs of wear and tear. Center console wrapped in carbon fiber. Exterior: 8.5/10 - Car has some chips on the door...
  7. Interior & Exterior
    So with the rexspeed sideskirts on a 4-6 week made to order and not instock anywhere I decided to see what else was available. I talked with Ish @ BPAuto and he happened to have a set of Zele CF sideskirts in stock and ready to ship. These are what the rexspeed skirts are based on so I knew...
  8. WTB
    I am looking for used Zele Japan Side Skirt for CBA (CF or FRP) Used, Scatches, Damage...etc. PM me what you have Point Roberts, WA 98281 Thanks BU
  9. Interior & Exterior
    I order the Rexpeed K-style splitter with ducts and Side skirts from FBparts a while back. I had clearance issue going down my garage so I did not want to spend a lot on a splitter and then won't be able to go down my garage. I installed the parts today, they look good except for the break duct...
  10. Canada
    Selling a set of Zele Sideskirts, these are carbon fiber. The drivers side required repair (shown in photos). Selling for $1000 will ship anywhere in North America
  11. Interior & Exterior
    For those of you that have experience with both of these side skirts, is there any preference for one over the other? I know the Zele is more expensive but is the quality significantly better than the Rexpeed, or is the Rexpeed a better value? Any input would be appreciated.
  12. Interior & Exterior
    So i've been looking at the Zele carbon fiber rear diffuser for about 3 months now and every time I look at it, I love it more and more. And for some reason it seems all the lips/rear diffusers I want is ALWAYS only made for the 09-11 My question is, Has anyone ever tried putting a rear...
  13. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale - Brand new Zele Rear Underspoiler Details - Brand New Zele Rear Underspoiler, The item has been clear bra'd as well, I clear bra all my carbon fiber parts. Fits only CBA GTR's. It was only mounted on once and then removed. Brand new usually cost around $1500. Reason for Selling -...
  14. GT-R Media
    Many of you my find the wheel set up of this car familiar. This car was once the showcase for Umbrella Auto Design, a company known for stunning interior transformations and the VRH (Variable Ride Height) Suspension set ups. Flash forward: Now owned by one of our clients who has always had a...
  15. Exterior & Interior
    Hi Guys, I need to clear out my garage of some quality aftermarket GT-R parts. I sold my car in March of this year. The parts have been on the vehicle for roughly 7k miles. I sold the car with 12k miles FYI. My asking prices is negotiable but I won't take half of what I'm asking. If you...
  16. R35 GT-R
    Starting July 8th We're Sending You to Japan (Virtually) On July 8th get ready to get the VIP treatment at some of Japan's top tuners and manufacturers. For the next 6 weeks you will have the opportunity to get Japan's most famous tuning brands to your door in the USA for the same price as if...
  17. GT-R Media
    Put together a slideshow of Sloan. There are some good photos all of the way to the end, if you have some time to kill. Enjoy
  18. Interior & Exterior
    I've been looking at different options for an aftermarket side skirt. And I do like the Zele, but also like Top secret's Side Diffuser's. So instead of taking the TS's side diffuser's and attaching them to stock side skirts, I was wondering if it would work if I attached it to a Zele CF Side...
1-20 of 33 Results