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This was another client from the same neighbourhood where I had finished 4 other cars. The owner had popped out to see the results of the other cars and was impressed enough to let me polish up his baby. The car is an 01, bought from new, and only has just over 30 000 km's on the clock. The paint was not in awful shape, but the owner needs some serious education about how to wash his car. Sending an email about the proper steps shortly after this write up is done. I decided on a rotary as the paint isn't very soft on this car, and ended up having to refine the finish as there were some very light holograms that were left from the initial polish. They were so faint I couldn't see them with my Fenix and couldn't even capture them on my camera, but could see them in direct sun. Just goes to show you that the sun is the ultimate tool.
The start

Dirty rims

Under the lights


Under the sun

Clean rims

All done

Thanks for looking
A big thanks for Hamza for bringing the iced cap and Danish by, that stuff really hit the spot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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