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History: Car was bought used with an extended warranty package (still has a month left on it) from Country Chevrolet in Virginia with 39k on it and was owned by a military person in Florida who drove it a lot. I then got engaged, but still maintained by job in VA, and it being my only car took a lot of trips to Virginia from NJ. This car has ZERO launches. I can prove this to anyone via ecutek readout of the launch counts from the ECU/TCM modules. The car has been garaged kept its whole life. It's reliable as any regular nissan and gets 21mpg on 93 and around 16 on E85. It scoots.

The GOOD (mods list):
- Ecutek with cable and Ben Linney tune for 91/93/E70/E85. This includes rolling boost and all the features from Phase 4 racerom.
-Car has AAM premium variable exhaust. There is a switch to the left of the steering wheel you hold it the valve opens and closes to change the tone. Go from quiet as stock to loud as you could want in seconds.

See video here

- SBD intakes
- SBD Turbo Inlets
- Catted (for those who worry about emissions) agency power downpipes.
- AAM Mid Pipe
- Curt Brown Ported and polished intake manifold.
- GFB BOV. (have stock)
- Asnu 1050cc 14 hole injectors
- Walbro upgraded Dual fuel pumps.
- Remote start module that uses OEM keyfob to remote start the vehicle.
- 2013 Premium seats (different stitch them for a steal so swapped them wouldnt notice unless I told you).
- CF rear spats
- Rexspeed CF side skirts.
- Password JDM front lip (this needs reconditioning)
- JBL amp and Sub woofer mounted professionally in sub box within stock sub enclosure.
- Buschur coolant expansion tank
- optima yellow top recently installed
- I have mint 2014 GTR black edition wheels on the car with R888s that are about done, but have the 09 wheels (with one curb mark) with BFG Rival tires with plenty of life and their own TPMS ready to swap in or go with the car.
- DBA brake rotors, will need swapped out in 4-5k miles.
- Tranny fluid swapped with Dodson by Baker performance 10k miles ago. New motul diff fluid in front and back also installed.
- Car hasnt been dynoed, but on E85 should be 600whp, about 560whp on 93. It walks 600-750cc sport bikes without trouble.


The BAD:

- Car was bumped by some ******* at Dulles airport in drivers rear quarter. It was given a quick pop by a PDR guy for free to get rid of most of it, but its an $1863 fix from the best body shop in Northern Virginia ( i can refer you to the GTR guy who works there who got me that price). It barely shows in pictures, but its there.
- Front bumper is basically done, but i have a fresh near Mint 09 black GTR bumper ready to swap in. Never did it, since might as well let the crappy one take the highway beatings.
- A bolt was stripped swapping out the rear sway bar and the job was never completed. I have the new whiteline end links and eibach rear sway bar ready to go though to fix it completely. Also have front eibach bar.
- Usual paint issues from a car with 70k miles on it.

This is a well cared for GTR that wasnt abused, and maybe saw redline 2 times. Zero launches. Always mobil 1 oil changes from the dealer. Discounted because of the issues above Ive disclosed up front. Easily 10k+ in go fast and fun stuff parts... (btw I do have some of the stock parts).


I will accept close, reasonable offers.
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