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1/4 mile secret

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A disappointing day at the drag strip yesterday, heat was a problem as stock GTRs were only managing 11.9 best 1/4s and other cars were unable to hit previous bests. My best was 11.34 @ 122mph which is off my PB of 11.1 @ 124mph

However this time i was running the Cobb NIS 006 Level 1 TCM launch with VDC OFF and only managing 60fts in the 1.82 to 1.9sec region. With my old LC2 and VDC in R mode i was getting 1.76 / 1.78 60ft times but it was very inconsistent as to if the car would launch of VDC would bog the car down.

No matter what combination i tried yesterday i was still doing 1.8XX 60ft times, what's the secret, how do you get these 60ft times down?
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Alot of it is out of your control... 60ft time has so much to do with track prep

If you are launching it correctly there is only so much you can do..maybe drop the tire pressure a bit...but like I said it has alot to do with the surface
At the FL track I go to, the secret it to get there when it first open and launch as hard as you can while the track is still prepped (sticky). I don't even spin launching at 4,000 rpm (1.65 second, 60 ft) when the track first opens. After that it is spin city with 60 ft time close to 1.9's. Of course when the track opens, it is also the hottest part of the day here which was 2400 DA for me.
Thanks for replies, track was Santa Pod here in the UK it was a busy day so i guess the track degraded as the day went on and power wise not helped by the hot muggy weather.....

Will try and get back there for the next event first thing and see if the track being better prepared helps get these times down!
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