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10.301 @ 133.12 with bolt-ons

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I've been a lurker on here for a while but thought I'd finally come out of the woodwork to post my run from last night. I just found the YouTube video on the net. I guess someone was videoing from the stands.

Mods: Cobb AP (NIS-006) with HPL Tune, Harman Motive mid-pipe, Agency Power DPs, Cobb SF 2.75 Intakes, 2012 OEM GTR turbo inlet pipes, Dual Walbro 255's, ID 1000's, and Volk TE37 SLs in the back with Nitto NT05R drag radials.

Fuel: E77

Track: Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ. Temp in the low 60's but humid.

I'm still running the stock catback and stock front wheels with some cheap General tires. The rear NT05Rs spin if I launch higher than about 3200 RPMs and then it short shifts 2nd resulting in a bog. I'm going with MT or M&H 345-35-18 drag radials next. Hoping that will get me mid-high 1.4 short times.

The car has gone quite a bit quicker and faster in the past with the exhaust off but until I find a reasonably priced aftermarket catback I'm going to continue running the stock system.


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Nicely done, what's your whp? 107 in the 1/8th is movin' pretty good...
I would think E85 also?
Nicely done. Do you have a roll cage? If so which one? My local track kicked me off at 10.8
I know Etown is strict do u have a cage and which one ?
Thanks, it put down 563/590 on a Mustang Dyno on E85 through the stock catback.

A month and a half ago at the same track in worse DA the car ran 10.409 @ 135.18 MPH and 104.69 in the 1/8. The only change I made were the 2012 inlets and now it's going 107.21 in the 1/8 but only 133.12 in the 1/4. This is why I don't put much stock in trap speeds. You simply can't rely on them. From my experiences the best way to see if your car got quicker from a new mod is to subtract your 1000ft from your 1/4 mile ET. That's the best indicator.

Nicely done, what's your whp? 107 in the 1/8th is movin' pretty good...
My car is tuned for E85 but E77 is what's currently at the pump according to my tester.

No roll cage. I'm not sure why but E-town did not warn me or even talk to me about the 10.3. In the past they've warned me, booted me, etc...
very nice times!
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VERY Nice!!!......another 9 second stock turbo/motor contender!
edit - please delete
I wish we had another go this good weather to speak of down here....
Nice run!
that was a slow ass Evo you raced lol
Gives me hope for my upcoming mods, awesome!
what mods do you have planned?..
what mods do you have planned?..
All the normal basic mods + E85. Intakes, full exhaust, COBB, maybe some ported or an aftermarket intake or something. Car is already making 500ish on 93, doing the E85 tune/intakes Monday morning
I would love to go sub 10.50's with full bolt ons and stock turbos on E85
thats EASY! should have no problem doing that.....and if you dont go reach your goal....give me a call.....i'll get you there. ;)
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