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19 should be great for the track .

Either way will go you more choice of tires that's for sure

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Open to suggest , I am thinking 19 inches on my GTR ,
any advise ? I just want some comfort for my boys
Note that for the GTR you will loose the runflat tire option once you move away from the stock 20" tire size.

First you have to find a wheel that will clear the large front GTR brake calipers- should not be too tough- check with wheel vendors on this site.

Typically 19" wheels and tires can be done for either street use or for the track. The obvious advantage is slight weight reduction for the wheel and slightly taller sidewall profile for street comfort without as much loss of handling.

Most times 19" wheels are not quite as expensive as 20" wheels but it can vary with design and wider wheels are going to be heavier vs the stock widths.

19x10 in front and 19x11 in the rear would be a good place to start.

Next pick the tire size that would work for both- sometimes it will be hard to find anything near the stock 28" tire diameter but try to match front and rear tires or get the same one tire size to fit both front and rear wheels -
for example

Continental ExtremeContact DW 275/40-19 for $258 each (right now on back order at

Fits rims 9-11" wide, 340 treadwear, 30lbs each

Max tire owner ratings

Tirerack test results
ExtremeContact DW is a good street tire for the price
Michelin Pilot SuperSport is a better performance tire but doesn't come in sizes as friendly for the GTR, most are in the 26.6" tire diameter range or less which would reduce ride height and increase wheel gap unless you lowered the suspension by about an inch. Even with that risk of scraping the front lower lip on the street would be high.

If you want to learn more about your other tire options check with [email protected] or call the toll free number and ask for extention 294
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