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This is a private sale of my personal car

Pictures / Videos here:

I'm selling my 1990 Nissan Skyline GTR (Production date May 1990 25 years 3 months+ old) I am the original Canadian owner and imported this car myself in early 2008. This car is in very good condition for a 25 year old car! It was garage stored and has never seen a Canadian winter, and has no rust, anywhere. There are a few small rock chips here and there, and a couple small dents, but overall the body is in excellent condition. The interior is pretty much bone stock, and from age the fabric is pretty faded, some of the stitching on the rear street has let go, but again overal in good condition. Window trim and other aged rubber does have cracks.

Currently the car is tuned on 94 Octane Husky Fuel and is making 423.9whp @ 15.5psi of boost @ around 3800' altitude.

I'm sad to let it go, but I have a money pit RX7 that needs some love!

I'm looking to get $23,000US OBO for this car and will assist any US Buyers with importing it into the USA into JDM Friendly states!

1990 Nissan Skyline GTR
Production Date May 1990
Apx 104,920km (65,200mi)

VIN / Serial Number BNR32-008765

Currently Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

N1 Crankshaft
ACL Race Bearings
Tomei Oil Pan Baffle
Tomei Head Gasket
Tomei Intake and Exhaust MLS Gaskets
ARP Head Studs
Tomei PonCams Type B
Tomei Valve Springs Type A
Tomei Cam Cap Studs
New Timing Belt
Nismo Engine and Transmission Mounts
N1 Water pump
Nismo Oil Filler Cap
OEM Fuel filter new
Odyssey PC1200 Battery with Billet hold down (less then 1 year old)
Upgraded Y-Pipe with Cat Delete (easy to add cat if requried)
ARC Full Titanium Cat-back exhaust (VERY Rare, some damage to resonator)
Blitz SS cold air intake kit

Electronics and Wiring:
Brand new OEM Nissan Complete Engine Harness
Brand new wiring specialties Ignition Coil harness
Brand new OEM Nissan Igntion coils (6)
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU Tuned by Jimmy @ VEX Performance in Canada
Haltech R32 Patch Harness
Haltech Dual Channel CAN Wideband (1 in each turbo)
Haltech 3-BAR External Map Sensor
Haltech Boost control solenoid

Koyo Aluminum Radiator
Spal Cooling fan (Haltech Controlled)
HKS Oil Cooler Kit (Including ducts in left front)
Samco Radiator Hoses
Samco Ancillary hoses
HKS Hard-pipe Kit with HKS BOV
HKS 4" Intercooler
ARC Titanium Cooling panel (One off from ARC with Burnt finish)
ARC Radiator Cap

OS Giken TS2C Twin-plate Clutch Kit (Beautiful and easy to drive)
Nismo Solid Short shift kit
Nismo Titanium Shift knob

Mines upgrade boost gauge in factory 3 meter panel
Alpine Stereo


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For the amount of work done on this R32, this is a great price. Most freshly landed R32's in the US are going for between 21 - 25K, many with problems (25 year old car, yeah). The way the market is going it is getting incredibly difficult to find anything worth importing into the US now for less than 18-20K. Also +1 since I am originally from Alberta haha.

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Nm looks like you can't get it imported if it is not 100% unmodified. Not sure if they would physically inspect this but would not feel comfortable lying about this on the form you have to fill out. Good luck with the sale car is super nice looking!

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Spring Bump!

I haven't been actively trying to sell this car over the winter, but the snow is melted!

I had a couple requests for undercarriage and frame rail pictures so I have included those too now!

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