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2 New PB at pbir

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So me and some forum members went to pbir tonight. I managed a new PB e.t. but my MPH was down about 2mph. ( im guessing the weather???) Anyways the best part of the night was watching my good friend blkdragn finally break into the 9"s.

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how did you pulls a 1.52? details please!
Thanks for putting the videos up paul. Your car's running good. Had the most of the Drag Racing NAGTROC crew out tonight. A.T., Sleepdoc, PDV25, Blkdragn and Me.

Just got back to my place. Had an epic race with 2 porsche turbos on the ride home. 3 wide with not a sole on the road (whats with all the street racing for me jeesh)

Was good watching Surgio run 9's in this weather, between the weather and the timing system. Great run. (I have that trunk at home.. and some good DA the thing might take off)

I will let Blkdragn chime in with the exact setup but is on stock LC2 (No nis006), Stock motor, stock trans, 21" wheels up front, 18" NT05R's out back.
how did you pulls a 1.52? details please!
PDV25 has NIS006, LC2 based 3800-4000ish RPM 18" NT05R rear 21" PS2's up front. He cut 2 or 3 1.52's Its a reliable setup.

I cut a 1.60 on PS2's with LC4 spinning DIRTY sideways.
how did you pulls a 1.52? details please!
i was using nis006 about 4300 rpm launch and 18" nto5r in the rear.
Thanks bill you beat me to it. LOL.
i was using nis006 about 4300 rpm launch and 18" nto5r in the rear.
stock turbos?
yes stock turbos. looking foward to some cool weather!!!
seems like 4200rpms nt05r 18's and stock turbos are perfect! now i need a formula for bigger turbos... some boost off the line ..
Nice ! Congrats. Looks like I left too early .. Missed some of the fun :(
PDV25, you have been pushing your car HARD for a while now. (over a year).

Are you concerned about your rods? You are always out on the scene and race that car to high speeds often.

Any plans to build the engine before it goes boom? Do you check your oil with blackstone?
Yes ofcourse I am concerned but hopeing for the best. I have not seen that many stock turbo gtr's blow. (I know it has happened), I know i may be taking some chances but i truly enjoy racing. I have had many sports car (zo6's-cobras-997-supra etc...) and yes i have blown some up along the way, Its a part of racing. Always tring to push the limits. As of right now I have no plans for any more mods to the car. I'm really having a good time trying to hit 9's on the car as is. Eventhough i think its a long shot. I guess if the motor lets go i will deal with it at that time.

I have not checked the oil, but do change it every 1500 miles.

BTW do i know you? Just asking cause you said I'm always out on the scene ( I'm guessing you mean street racing)
AWESOME!!!!!!!!>!.....congrats to you both....This is the most difficult time of the year to get good times here....cant wait to see the cold air times!!!
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