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Introducing myself as a newbie from Liverpool. UK.

I am so jealous of the choice you guys over the pond have for your GTR's.

I am doing trackdays in my GTR, first one in 8 weeks. Not my first trackday, I've done a fair few, just my first in my GTR.

Standard suspension 2009 GTR, I am thinking of running a 20x10 285 35 20 toyo 888 square set-up. With same offsets all round so I can swap wheel/tyre axle to axle, then side to side if needs be.

Question I ask is, What offsets will be the best. I would rather not run spacers if possible. Does anyone run similar set-up, are there any limitations to this?

My experience tells me that square set-up should dial out a bit of understeer.

Many thanks for your time.
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