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2009 gtr, history of intermittent dead batteries for many years- no diagnosis could be found....
finally figured it out via these forums - the a/v drawing amps, parasitic drain while parked , and used the relay bypass for the amp- Battery drain issue no more dead batteries. Unfortunately using this method would wipe presets/phonebook with each ignition off- but worked

last week heard an audio crackle, lost sound, came back crackled again- no sound, no radio or sat audio/no compact flash/CD player wont load, but eject motor works, no music box, a/c ok/mfd ok except audio settings on mfd- no response other than music note on bottom of mfd,bluetooth phone connection ok-but no access to phone settings on mfd, or sound

all fuses good, relays checked, swapped in case and are good, battery disconnect for 30 min -no effect on audio loss. did the magic menu again( note never showed an error before installing a relay) and i got this
Audio equipment Gadget Radio Font Vehicle

Automotive design Vehicle Radio Audio equipment Personal luxury car

does this mean its the usual A/V unit fail, or just the bose amp or both? considering legertas upgrade or the T rex, but if its just the amp- that would be a simpler cheaper fix
Thanks for you input, help!!!
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