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2009 high mileage GT-R on Ebay good deal?

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I'm looking at bidding on this Ebay auction that is ending in two days. High mileage 44k, titanium 2009 GT-R premium. Opinions please:

I imagine it will end right around ~ 55-56k.

Do you guys think this is a good deal? What do you all think about the titanium color? I've always liked gun metallic, but haven't seen a titanium GT-r in person yet.


New brakes and brake lines. Will save me $7000-9000 according to what he paid for them.
Up to date on all service.
Excellent cosmetic shape

No warranty due to over 36k miles
Toyo R888 are a great track tire, but uncomfortable for daily driving. He says around <5k miles left in them.
I live in Oklahoma, so won't be able to view car in person.
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