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2010-2012 GTR

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Hello all,

currently looking at purchasing a 2010-2012 GTR heard some things about the transmission with those earlier models. Just curious about your opinions and on off it’s worth it and how reliable they really are. Thanks in advance
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They can go 80k miles or 20k , difference is the tsb blips later axles , really not much. All should of had solid not welded clutch baskets from the factory but none do.
What do you plan on doing to the car ? If going stupid your going to have to build anyways. Fbo take your chances imo. Spend upfront for newer model or save the 6k for a basic rebuild. Me I went with an 11 though wanting a 15. Price right and miles really low with maintenance records.
Have a gtr tech at a dealership look it over pre purchase and ask for records of maintenance.
Odds are decent your earlier car may already have a newer transmissions.

Check the dealer for a service log and see.
2017 GTR + all the way, but with the crazy market, it is a little expensive
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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