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Hi guys

I have a 2011 Audi S4 whos looking for enhancement detail to take care of some DISO! (dealership install swirls option) sad thing is that I warn him about it. anyways the day was raining on and off, but customer still wants the detail. luckily it got sunny during the afternoon.

start 10am - end 5 pm.

Wheels Tires
  • Brown royale 3:1
  • Kranzle 1120 T
  • Various brushes
  • 1z rubber protectant

  • OPT powerclean 10:1 presoak
  • High pressure rinse
  • ONR wash
  • Riccardo clay
  • Iron X
  • ONR lube
  • MF towels
  • IPA 3:1
  • 3M yellow masking tape
  • GG DA
  • 5 in Meg bp, 3 in LC bp
  • Uber 5 in & 3 in green pad, Uber yellow for spot compound
  • Meg 205, OPT spray compound for spot

  • CG ez glaze
  • Werkstat Jett sealant

  • MS leather & plastic cleaner
  • 1Z cockpit
  • MF towels
  • ONR on DJ
  • Metro vac

Click on Image for Video!


Some photos, Enjoy


This is cause by not breaking down polish or polish is too heavy of a cut.

A good foot long RID ( random isolated defect) that I was able to remove half of it ( can be seen in after video)

High power Fenix Tk11 highlighting the holograms

Interior wasn't too bad, just a wipe down and powerwash mats

Exhaust is showing about 1-2 weeks of carbon, all clean up with some APC and sealed with Opti-seal

1-2 weeks of brake dust


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Some grime from rain fall

Trunk is vacuum and organized

Rubber mats getting clean with Swissvax brush and APC

Sorry not many wash pictures, but this is how water should look like with no protection on paint

Pre-soak ONR to aid a safer wash

ONR wash with a fluffy MF towel fold with 8 sides, when one side gets dirty, fold to the next.

and Dry with MF towel with ONR as drying aid also

a New clay

After a few passes, not so bad for a new car

Iron X the car

A very light hologram on the trunk if you look very closely in the photo.

Holograms are fixed but some RID remain

B pillars are swirl up nicely


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