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2011 gtr for 69k and 2010 gtr for 59k any thoughts ?

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Should I pay thier asking price of 69k for this GTR ? 14k miles and lemon status ? 81 rating on carfax

they also said they will throw in a clear bra kit for free and pay for the fluids for the next oil change at 6k miles

Waranty is till honored for the remaining 2 years and 36k miles

theres also a red 2010 that they are willing to let go for 59k at 18k miles I want the 2011 due to the better screen and the lower miles
as well as the longer waranty left on it. Both have the same tranny re-install issue from Nissan
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I would prefer to find a 2010 with low miles for high $60s that has a clean title. If you are short on cash to buy a clean title 2011 and have to have a 2011, then go for the lemon. However, the value will always be lower on a lemon car when you go to sell it as well and it will be harder to move, since most people avoid these cars.

Good luck on your search
I got my 2010 with 10k Miles for 69, not a great price, but ok IMHO, especially for being in Socal
Low mile, super clean 2010's are going for high 60's to low 70's recently.

I personally would pay a bit more in order to get a pristine car.

I just purchased one, and I am very happy with it.

Just my 0.02
63.5K for my 2010 with 10K miles 6 weeks ago. The deals are out there. You just have to keep scouting.
^ nice.. I did 70k for 2010 with under 6000 miles. Perfect condition..
Depends on if you can live with the fact that it'll have a lower resale value and will be harder to sell. Obviously, if you don't ever plan on selling it, then you won't need to take that in consideration.
I would not pay anymore than 64k.
I would not pay anymore than 64k.
Thats exactly what I was saying, I like the 2011 its super clearn as well as the other one and yes I don't plan on selling but you never know what will happen in a few years
it would be horrible if I could not move it at all if I ever felt the need to thus I asked them to drop either one of thier lemons' by another 5

64-65k was my price target for the 2011 and 55k for the 2010

I think I will keep looking some of you guys got great deals out there I guess I'll just be patient

-thanks all
Those are some low prices, I paid, $65k for a 6500 mile 2009..w tint, clear bra, Cobb, intakes, downpipes, midpipe
63.5K for my 2010 with 10K miles 6 weeks ago. The deals are out there. You just have to keep scouting.
that is a sweet deal, where did you find yours?
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