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[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]2011 GTR Wet Silver [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]iPE Innotech Exhaust System with 2 remotes- Otherwise Stock Engine and drivetrain[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Backup Camera[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]300W Pioneer Amp with Kicker in the trunk[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser included but not installed.[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Never Driven in snow [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Price $72,000 FIRM[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]16975KM[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]VIN: [/background]Jn1ar5ef1bm240273
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Oakville, Ontario. Canada[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]No Accidents, No Liens, Clean Carproof[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]******************************[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Local Pickup: Yes Shipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer)[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Will You Ship International: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Payment: Bankloan/Wire Transfer/Certified Cheque or Bank Draft (Car will be released once funds are verified in my account)[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Returns Accepted: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Contact Method: Email/PM [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Trades: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Will You Allow Test Drives: Yes, for a serious buyer with deposit.[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Who will be paying for the PPI: Buyer[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Why is it for sale: Got bored, moving onto something else.[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]**************************************************************[/background]
Here's a virtual tour with more pics and videos. This website won't let me upload anymore pics even though they are under 2Meg files. Don't know why.

If the links don't work, PM me.


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