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the crew at Z1 has given me the ok to post my pics from this past year's event so here's my pics from the weekend. for those who don't know, Z Nationals is one of the largest Z events each year and it's getting bigger and better every year. this year they had over 500 cars in attendance. everything from pure show cars to pure track cars show up for this event hosted at Z1 Motorsports in Carrollton, GA. for so many people to show up at a shop for what basically started as an "open house" is a testament to the quality of the work they do and the effort they put into the Z/G/GTR community. i have to say thanks to Russell, Dustin, Jon and the rest of the Z1 guys for continuing to bring me on as one of their photographers each year and everything they do to support me. they really are some of the best guys and gals i know. now, on to the pics!

friday night was an "atlanta cruise" night. Z1 expected about 10-15 cars to participate but there really ended up being more like 50+ which posed a bit of a problem trying to get around downtown atlanta but we all still had a good time. i didn't get many pictures that night but here's my favorite:


saturday was the car show day at the shop...

album: 2011 Z Nationals - Saturday Car Show and Awards Banquet 9/24/11 - JPMcG Photography


2. Chin's murdered out G37S coupe

3. Nissan LMS cars caught eyes all day long

4. Z enthusiasts gather around open hoods as owners share their mods

5. Z1's lovely ladies were on hand to sign posters and pose with participant's cars

sunday's event was a track day at Atlanta Motor Speedway...

album: 2011 Z Nationals - Sunday Track Day 9/26/11 - JPMcG Photography

6. Z's, G's, GTR's and a few other makes participated in the event

7. this is what it looks like when Nissan takes over a track

8. GTR's staging for a track session on pit lane

there are tons of more pictures to see in the albums so be sure to check them out! thanks for looking! C&C welcome as always!
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