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Hi guys,
I copied and pasted this from another forum. I was wondering if anyone has participated in this event or has any interest in doing so? I may try and make it down. It looks like it is about 7 hours away from me.

MAY 19th 2012!

WHEN: Saturday May 19th, 2012
WHERE: Meet and greet @ N.M. Imports 3pm, race at ABQ Dragway

Everyone asked for it so here you go. Domestics vs Imports.
ABQ Dragway is giving us our own day! That's right, no test and tune for the public, this day will be strictly for out race, so no rushing races!
First round of call outs will take place at N.M. Imports for the meet and greet. There will be a mandatory drive to the track.
Payouts will remain EVEN, except the "Let It Eat Grudge Class" .Pay out will be larger.
We are going to make this one even bigger than the last one. The goal is for everyone to have a blast and see some good competition.
BBQ and there will probably be vendors and other activities also going on for everyone.

Overall Race Rules
Mandatory drive from Call Out at NM Imports
Slicks allowed - no tire changes at the track
Follow track rules - if DQ'd you forfeit your entry fee's
Pro tree
Can only run one class
Can't refuse a call out
Person called out gets lane choice


Slowpoke class:
14.1 & slower [UPDATED]
Call outs
Heads Up
Pro tree
Don't break out
$15 buy in

Street fighter class:
14.1 - 12.8 [UPDATED]
Call outs
Heads up
Pro tree
Don't break out
$15 buy in

Big boys class:
12.8 - 11.5 [UPDATED]
Call outs
Heads up
Pro tree
Don't break out
Final Race, "Let it Eat", winner takes all even if breaking out [UPDATED]
$15 buy in

Let it Eat Grudge Class:
You better know who to call out and hope you brought enough, track discretion.
Slightly higher payout.
Call outs
Heads up run what you brung
Pro tree
Boards off
Door and frame chassis street cars only
$20 buy in


We are looking for main promoters to be involved. Right now we have:
N.M. Imports, Garage Built Rides, Boost INC, and CAMTuning.
Contact me if you are interested.

If you would like to be a sponsor or volunteer, please contact me about details. Sponsors are what makes this race happen and what they provide is greatly appreciated.

Lets get this moving! If anyone has any suggestions we are open.
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