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**Price drop #2, need to get the ball rolling on my house. :wink: **

**Dont worry, shipping from Hawaii isnt that bad :)**

*****QUICK NOTES*****
Price $68,000 OBO $65,000 OBO
Miles 26,xxx
Color: Black/Black
VIN: JN1AR5EF0CM250066
Honolulu, HI
Private Sale
Second owner
FBO (SP700 kit + suspension/wheels +nismo rep kit)
Local Pickup: Yes
Shipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer)
Will You Ship International: No
Payment: Bankloan/Wire Transfer (Car will be released once funds are verified in my account)
Returns Accepted: No
Contact Method: Email or Phone | PM me
Title: clean (Bank holds)
Trades: No
Will You Allow Test Drives: Yes, for a serious buyer with deposit.
Who will be paying for the PPI: Buyer
Why is it for sale: Buying a house

The ONLY reason I'm selling my 2012 Premium GTR is because of adulthood and buying a house. I figure being married and having 2 children that are starting school, it's about time to buy our own place. I have had tuner cars my whole life, including DSMs, MKIV Supras, and Evos; by far i enjoy this car the most. I purchased the car in CA and shipped it to HI. Shipping to and from HI is about $1100 one way, so its not as bad as some may think. I bought it with all the mods it currently has with all the work being done at SP Engineering. Its been a great car and by far the most fun to drive. In my care it has never been launched or tracked.

**Disclaimer** In CA, the car got keyed right before it got put up for sale, so the previous owner had the passenger side of the car repainted while the Nismo replica bumper/sides were being painted as well. The car originally had CF versions of the N-Tune kit but got sold and replaced with FRP before my purchase. Also from CA, there was a really TINY chip in the glass on the driver side that i filled in when i got the car but has not cracked anymore since and is barely visible so its not a problem. The car currently has 22,xxx miles on it, will go up slightly as i still drive the car. Hate to sell it, but I'll be back in another GTR once I build some equity in my house!


  • N-Tune replica NISMO front bumper/side skirts (FRP) (bottom lip painted lighter gray to match stock coloring)
  • Clear bra on front fenders, hood, and side mirrors
  • KW sleeve coilovers w/OEM struts (to still utilize dampening adjustability)
  • Vorsteiner V-FF 103 wheels gunmetal color
    • front 20x10 w/ Toyo R888 285/35ZR20 tires
    • rear 20x12 w/ Toyo R888 315/30ZR20 tires
  • SP700 Performance Package
    • Titek cast bellmouth 90mm Downpipe
    • Cobb catted 90mm Midpipe *aftermarket catback removed by previous owner due to exhaust volume preference*
    • Titek 3" Intakes
    • Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
    • Denso 270lph fuel pump x 2
    • Zeitronix ethanol analyzer w/steel braided lines
    • Cobb Accessport w/ all tunes from previous owner INCLUDING E-85 TUNE/valet tune)
    • 545hp on 93, 600hp on e85

Asking $68k OBO $65k OBO

Bank has my title, so buyer/buyer's bank will be doing most of the transaction with my bank who has already experienced dealing with out-of-state transactions when I first got the car. For out-of-state buyers, i will be willing to do a video call over Google Duo (android user) to do a viewing. I can even take video or more pics upon request. I have a YouTube channel which has a couple videos that show the GTR as well. I will provide the YouTube channel over PM.

Please feel free to ask me any questions on here, over PM, over email, or call/text (phone # provided over PM). Please no lowballing, but my realtor is waiting on me, so I do want to sell soon.

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Nice car. Those pics are really small though.

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Sick car brah!

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I think only from computer. Edit the first post and go to advanced edit...then I think you can change the title and submit. It's awfully finicky though.

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GoodLuck in your sale! I'm thinking of shipping my GTR to Oahu just to roll some Peeps on H1/H3

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