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Looks cool to
Me ! I still like the gTr gt1 body kit better . Is this a full kit that takes off all the panels and lighten the car by allot as well ?

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Dont like it.
Looks way too fast and furious like.
Looks over done. It doesnt accentuate the car, it over takes it...and in that...almost cheapens it.
I many vents do you need (for a street car).

It then gets into the realm of looking like a "kid street racer" type vehicle.

I was the same way with the supra. The only one i did like was the do luck.

All that other shit was hideous.

I think with body kits and certain cars, you have to be careful.
Its almost like trying to "modify" a circle.

You cant, because a circle is perfect--else, its no longer a circle.
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