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*** 2012 Premium GT-R Red with Gray Interior with over $16,000 in Modifications to 655 BHP ***

Intake & Exhaust Modifications

-[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] Upfront [/background]3" Cobb Air Flow Intakes
-[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] [/background]AMS 90 mm wide Catless Downpipes[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]- AAM (Altered Atmosphere) Non-Resonated Midpipe[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]- AAM[/background][background=rgb(255, 255, 255)] Catback Exhaust[/background]
- Custom tune by Horsepower Logic in Palm Beach, FL
- Cobb Accessport with High and Low Horsepower tune which you can change on the fly while driving

You can hear the turbos spool up nicely and the exhaust sound is a wonderful growl!

Exterior Modifications

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]- [/background]Seibon Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
- Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
- Carbon Fiber Hood Air Duct[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]s[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]- [/background]Laser radar with a diffuser[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] on the front and rear of the car with alarm notification[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Stereo Modifications [/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]- [/background]MB Quart Speakers up front
- Custom built 10" Phoenix Gold Subwoofer in the trunk
- Phoenix Gold Amplifier
- Audio Control signal processor
- Alpine Equalizer
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]The [/background]Sound System is Crisp and the Bass Thumps![background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] The car is also protected from [/background][background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]. [/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]The [/background]front seats are heated[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] and comes with a [/background]Rear Back up Camera. [background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]I have all of the original Exhaust and Exterior parts of the car which would go with the sale. [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]I am the only owner of the car. I first leased it for 3 years and I loved it so much, that I went ahead and purchased or financed it. Therefore, the Carfax report shows 2 owners with the lease and then the finance. [/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]This GTR looks great with the Hot Red color and Carbon Fiber accents and believe me the Exhaust sound is music to your ears! The car was always serviced at Nissan. [/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Condition: Excellent [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Asking Price: $64,500 [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Miles: 53,400[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]VIN: JN1AR5EF9CM250387[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Location: Palm Harbor, FL[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Private Sale[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]No Accidents[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Title/Lien Holder: Citizens One Auto Finance[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Local Pickup: Yes[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Shipping: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Payment: Cash/Wire Transfer to Bank. [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Returns Accepted: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Contact Method: Email Sanjay at [email protected] or Cell 727-389-6916[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Trades: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Will you Allow test drives: Yes for a serious buyer[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Why is it for sale: We are building a new house![/background]

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