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Sully's Detailing LLC of South Florida
2012 Land Rover "Minor Paint Correction"
This vehicle was bought new in August and has not seen a proper detail since. I performed a "major paint correction" on his Range Rover. After he saw the outcome of the Range Rover he also wanted to get his wife's vehicle detailed.

Products Used:
Sully's Detailing Supply: Auto Bathe
Sully's Detailing Supply: Ultimate Wheel Cleaner (Wheels and Paint)
Sully's Detailing Supply: Ultimate Dressing
Sully's Detailing Supply: APC
Uber Foam Cannon
Uber Fine Clay
Uber no name microfiber
Uber Foam Pads
Griot Garage DA
Meguiars D151
Adams Brilliant Glaze
Adams Butter Wax



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