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2012 Performance Question

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Just traded my 09 for a 2012.
The 2012 seems more refined, rides better, makes fewer clunky sounds, and seems to get to 13 psi boost and hold it there, whereas the 09 boost would rop off with increasing RPM.

Hoever, it does not "feel" to me to be any faster or scarier!!

Unfortunately my 12 came with a mis-calibrated G force display (it shows that I am pulling approximately .06 G's when I am sitting still on level ground), so it is difficult to tell if the new car actually pulls more G's or if it is just the miscalibrated meter. (The new one indicates that it is pulling about that much more than the old one).

Anyone else that switched from an earlier model to a 2012, did you notice an immediate improvement in how it pulls?

To be fair, I only have 500 miles on mine, so maybe it will loosen up.
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have you tried the LC yet?
i had a 09.... 12 is alot faster in everyway....
I had an 09. The 12 is definitely faster. Try it at the drag strip!
12 if faster but more than anything is handling a "LOT" better
Thanks for the info
I did notice that on a cool day it felt a lot better (it has been pretty warm here recently).
Have not yet tried launching it - figured I should let it go for a 1000 miles before launching it.
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