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2012 with just a mid pipe?

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just wondering how the 2012 gtr would sound with just a mid pipe and the stock rear section. how about compared to the HKS legamax rear section?
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I have both mid pipe and muffler .Sound is great .I too tried just the mid pipe ,but it wasn't enough in the sound department.Both together is perfect.Not to loud not to quite
had my 2012 for 6 months and hated how quiet it is. Just did strait y pipe and its nice, the way it should be stock. Comparable to my old gt3 and ferrari. Would be better still with catback but car only has 2 more yrs on lease so this is it. Does sound amazing in tunnel with windows down though

Ps has slight drone at 65 in 6th. Consider res y pipe if adding catbk
Nice vids MC! Your GT-R sounds great! Non-catted y-pipe?
just put an HKS resonated mid pipe on a 12' with stock rear section, and to be honest u almost can't tell any difference at first inside the cabin. It certainly is louder, and sounds better from the outside or with windows down but not noticeably that different. Non resonated would probably offer more of an aftermarket sound
Nice vids MC! Your GT-R sounds great! Non-catted y-pipe?
Yeah no cats but with resonators... for what I'm looking for its perfect
My crappy startup video:

This was mine with just rexpeed midpipe and everything else stock..back then...

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