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Sully's Detailing LLC of South Florida
2013 Rover Rover Evoque "Minor Paint Correction

This vehicle was bought new and belongs to the same client that owns the white Land Rover I detailed. This vehicle was detailed once by the dealership and lets just say this vehicle was filled with light halograms and swirl marks

Prodcuts Used:
Sully's Detailing Supply Auto Bathe
Uber Foam Cannon
Uber Wash Mitt
Uber Fine Clay
Sully's Detailing Supply Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
Sully's Detailing Supply APC
Uber Wheel Brush
Uber Drying MF
Griots Garage DA
Poorboy's World 2.5
Meguiars D151
Adam's Brilliant Glaze
Adam's Butter Wax
Uber Orange
Uber Green Pad
Uber Blue Pad
Uber Black Pad




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danm, i need this on my x5 :(
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