Price- $85K
Miles- 29,261
VIN- JN1AR5EF1GM290873
Location- Santa Clarita, CA
2nd owner
Title is clear, but it is financed so the lienholder will transfer title once funds are cleared
No accidents
Local Pickup: Yes
Shipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer)
Will You Ship International: No
Payment: Bank loan/Wire Transfer (Car will be released once funds are verified in my account)
Contact Method: DM here please
Will You Allow Test Drives: No - I'd be happy to take a buyer (with proof of funds) for a ride. The new buyer will appreciate not having tire kickers behind the wheel
Who will be paying for the PPI: Buyer
Why is it for sale: Don't drive it much anymore and want some more garage space

This is a very clean, low mileage Black Edition model. It has the blue sparkle RAYS black edition wheels (stock for this trim), the carbon fiber rear wing, and the red details on the interior trim. It turns heads everywhere it goes.

The car has been to the 1/8 mile dragstrip once and did two or three passes, but has never been auto-crossed or tracked in any other capacity. I bought this car from the original owner with 6K miles on the odo and have put 23K stress-free miles on it. It was built by HG Performance in San Marcos, CA and remotely tuned on EcuTek by Taylor @ Cicio Performance. This car was built for longevity, reliability, and performance, and has NEVER had a crackle tune/flame tune. This car is rock solid, was appreciated and taken care of by an enthusiast, and will bring it's new owner miles and miles of joy.

I've launched it from a dig probably 4 times in total, and I've done rolling launch once or twice for the novelty.

Exterior Mod List:
  • Black Stek PPF on roof
  • Black Stek PPF on partial front bumper (the front lip, bottom of the front bumper, the plastic grill piece, and the silver surrounding inserts)
  • Carbon Fiber Vinyl on the rear bumper over the exhaust

Performance Mod List:
  • Cobb 3" Intake
  • AMS Catless Downpipes
  • AAM Catless Resonated Midpipe
  • Greddy Supreme Power Stainless Exhaust
  • Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Kit (OEM Fuel Lines)
  • Injector Dynamics 1050cc Injectors
  • Deatschwerks DW300c Fuel Pumps
  • Aluminized Heat Sleeving
  • EcuTeK ProECU Cable Kit
  • EcuTeK ProECU License (ECU and TCM)

Paint: 9/10
The cars paint is nearly perfect. There are two love-bug spots on the hood, and some normal rock chips on the front bumper as the car only has partial PPF. No scratches or marks anywhere else.

Body: 10/10
No issues anywhere. Car has never been in any accidents, so it is mint.

Powertrain: 10/10
This car was tuned by Taylor @ Cicio to be conservative and last forever. It has been bulletproof (save for the car's original battery dying on me a few weeks ago - which I immediately replaced with an Optima YellowTop 51R)

Sound: 10/10
The car's exhaust is quiet when you don't get on it, but it screams when you are in boost. I built this setup so that I would never be worried about police here in CA, but I would be able to hear all the turbo noises and mechanical sounds when I'm on the throttle. See the idle clip posted below for reference.

Tires: 7/10
I bought new MPS4S in 285 square at the beginning of this year. I estimate that they have about 70% of life left.

Please DM with serious offers if interested. Based on the current market, I believe this is priced reasonably. No lowballing, please. Willing to meet with potential buyer in Santa Clarita or at some halfway point provided the buyer can show proof of funds.

More pictures and the idling video below.