2019 GTR Premium
15,XXX Miles
Prosper, TX (Dallas)
Title in hand - no lien
No accidents
Willing to ship once funds are delivered
No international
Payment through verified funds/wire etc. no crypto if there is even any of that still around 😊

The family is growing and so must my choice in vehicles. I am the third owner of this, both prior owners are people I know. First bought it, put 3k miles on it and lost his job so a mutual friend bought it from him. Peter, drove it for another 4k miles and wanted a TRX. I had always wanted a GTR so I bought it off of him. The car was PPF’d the same day it was originally bought so there isn’t a nick, ding or dent to speak of. Peter had it ceramic coated, I had it taken down and reapplied again recently. Exterior is a 10/10. Interior is a 10/10 as the car only has 14,XXX miles on it.

It has been on E85 for ~3500 miles and runs like any full bolt on GTR should. The motor etc. is a 10/10; absolutely no issues. The GTR was 100% stock when I got it so I know the entire mod history. Work done by EDI in Dallas.

Asking price is in line with every other stock or other GTR of this year out there. I checked multiple sites. You know the price of the mods so I don’t need to go into that. As a bonus you get just about every stock part that came off the car and you can ask me any question you want about it; I know the whole history.

1050 XDS injectors
AEM twin fuel pumps
T1 Flex kit
Powder Coated intake manifold
Custom coated Rampage upper intercooler piping
Custom coated Boost Logic 3” intakes MAF Delete
Speed Density Kit
TiAL Blow off Valves QRJ
Boost Logic radiator overflow
3.5” AMS Downpipes
3.5” Nismo mid-pipe
3.5” Nismo Race (straight pipe) exhaust
Custom painted engine cover
Ecutek tuned by Rob Baker

PPF front and rear lower quarters
Ceramic Coated
APR GTC 500 wing
JDM Clear and SPD side markers

KW Coilover Sleeves
Completed SPD rear suspension arms (traction, camber, etc)
Torque Solutions Brake Brace
FF5 20x10 and 20x12 wheels
Brand new MPSS tires 285/335
Titanium lug nuts
Ceramic brake pads

Cusco 6 point roll cage custom coated
Sparco Harness bar
Sparco 4 point harnesses x2
GTR door lights
LED interior lights
Pre-Wired for a subwoofer in the trunk

Stock Wheels and Tires
Stock intake pieces
Stock Injectors/Pumps
Stock Springs (I think I still have those)
Stock Exhaust
2nd set of rear interior pieces (in case you want to remove the cage)
Stock Wing

**The cage required trimming of some interior pieces so I bought a second set. I have all the uncut interior pieces. Also, there is a crossbar I did not install that requires the rear seat to be removed and the speaker cover to be cut. I have a pre-cut speaker cover, you just need to find a solution to cover the removed seats if you choose to.

@shamu_gtr on instagram for more pictures