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Hi guys,

I have two questions;

I am tracking my car for the first time this coming weekend. For preparation, I took my car to my garage for oils to be changed and for a quick check-up. I replaced engine oil and filter, replaced stock transmission oil to Dodson transmission oil, and replaced front and rear differential oil (oem).

Now, first question is that when the transmission oil was drained and the filter taken out, it had small specs of a white greasy residue. This was also found in the transmission cover trap window. Garage said that it was a tiny bit of grease and normal, not to worry. Any feedback?

Secondly, the next morning, I must admit that my transmission drove a lot smoother, less flunks and very smooth shifts. Until I was in traffic and in low speed (below 15 kms per hour) in 2nd gear. Slowing down is fine, but when I try to accelerate again, if I am tapping the pedal lightly, the car is stuttering to engage it seems. RPM goes uo and down several times and the car just doesn't go right away. Now if I gas it harder, no problems, just as it was before. But in slow soeed lightly gassing I am getting this stutter I n2nd gear only.

Any help is highly appreciated, as I am transporting my car day after tomorrow and need to figure this out soon. Any harm to the gearbox if I track it, or is this a result of the Dodson transmission oil, or what??
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