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350Z on GTR wheels

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not sure if this is a repost

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seen pics of them on a 370 too... way too overbearing for both cars especially the 370 almost looks like a toy RC car
I'm digging it on the 350z. Agree with MC if its on a 370z.
Also saw it on an Infinity FX...


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Yeh it's been done already here too

I get alot of offers for my stock wheels when I chat with z owners

They look great on the car
looks better on the Infiniti than on the Z's!
Also saw it on an Infinity FX...
Sweet! I'm looking for another FX for my wife & will slap them on there.
The R35 wheel actually looks to be a derivative of the original 2003 FX35 wheels.
I like it!
GIves it such an aggressive stance. Lets you realize how good GTR wheels actually look. Very, very aggressive.
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