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Our "Entry Level" Trak Function line has been such a success, we've decided to add some more win to the Function line up. For those who prefer the classic flat lip 3 piece, with a flat profile center disc, we've developed S-Function. Basically the S-Function configuration consists of the same entry level pricing, style, sizes, and look of Trak Function yet without the step lip.

S-Function can be purchased at prices under $1k / wheel in some cases and consists of the same US made 3 piece forged quality as all other ADV.1 Products.
For more information, shoot us a call or email any time! Until then, enjoy the S-Function win.

997s Cabriolet
ADV8 S-Function
20x9.0 / 20x11.5
Pirelli P-zero 245/30/20 + 305/25/20

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