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Roughly six years ago I started taking photos of cars. With humble beginnings, my very first photoshoot for clients was of a 997 GT3 and a 996 TT. We got a few good shots that day. The GT3 belonged to a customer at the dealership I used to work at ages ago named Reg. Sadly, not long after we took the photos, Reg was punted by an uninsured driver mid corner and went rolling down a hill. Thankfully, not only was the GT3 Reg's daily driver, it was a his track car as well and it was fully prepped with a cage a fire suppression. He credited his roll cage for his ability to walk away from the incident with only minor bumps and cuts. He ended up purchasing another GT3 and doing the same thing to it for the past 4 years, racing on the weekends and driving to the office on weekdays.

Recently our mutual friend Trevor found him a sweet deal on a used GT3 Cup car that was eligible for a higher class in PCA racing. The car had recently been refreshed by Porsche with an engine and trans rebuild, no chump change I assure you. Reg jumped on this deal and bought the car earlier this summer along with a trailer to tow it in.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, Trevor called me and told me one of Matt Drendel's old Ferrari Challenge cars was out at the airport and he wanted me to shoot it for Frank, Matt's father. Reggie had mentioned wanting to get some shots of the new GT3 sometime soon, having just been wrapped in a new livery for racing. We got the two cars together out at my favorite venue last Thursday for some pictures and came up with some good results!


Porsche GT3 Cup & Ferrari F355 Challenge Photoshoot - 9/11/14 - JPMcG Photography


1. Not just a pretty face, this GT3 has class wins in the former ALMS series when it was raced professionally

2. Might be my favorite picture of the day, such great looking lines on these GT3's!

3. Under the bonnet

4. Here's Reg with his race car

5. Matt raced this F355 Challenge in the Speedvision series, what evolved into the Pirelli World Challenge I shoot frequently now!

6. A stark contrast to the modern GT3 Cup car, the Ferrari had virtually no driver aids like cool suits or venting, etc. Just a few switches, a steering wheel and a shifter

7. The 5-valve-per-cylinder heart of the beast

8. Playing around with some detail shots at the end of the day

Thanks for looking! Plenty more in the album, as usual! The Ferrari will be for sale soon if anyone is interested!

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Thank you for those awesome pics!
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