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A couple of pics from Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee 9/26/15

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It was a nice gathering of some sweet rides today. I met Terroragon with his awesome sounding Armytrix exhaust on his R35. There were 11 R35's that showed up and a 1100hp Skyline which kind of stole the show. Here are some pics and mine is the Black BE at the end.


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Great pics! I'll post some of mine and a video that I took of that Skyline later today. To those of you that weren't there (or haven't seen it around down), that thing idling is like 10x louder than my car at WOT.

Edit - The video and pictures

Here is an imgur gallery. I took these pictures as soon as I arrived. I should've taken more because there were quite a few more GT-R's that showed up. Bonus Veilside RX7 and Carrera GT pics too.

Listen closely and you can hear the people around the car trying to have conversations. It was really loud.

Sorry I had to miss this. Looks like a good turn out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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