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A different(ial) Noise question :)

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So I sold my 2013 and the owner asked 'are you sure there isnt something wrong with the car, it makes a lot of noises' and I told him 'google GTR Noises' the car is fine, thats what they do.

Now 2 months later, I have my Track Edition, and its making a noise I am not totally used to, but also not unused to. This is my 3rd GTR, but the prior two, I flew into or drove to their reprective locations (Texas or Maryland), and drove it back over 1000 miles right after firing it up. (Basically all highway miles).

Well my 2014 I had delivered and right now, I only have 350 miles on it, but it makes that 'binded up' sound you hear with AWD when you are reversing or pulling into a parking spot (sharp turn). Going straight NO ISSUES, but in turning, definitely makes that kind of clunking/skipping sound you get when the wheels want to rotate at the same rate, but cant because you are in a tight turn.

Since I always drove mine and immediately put 1000 miles on them (there by 'breaking in' the rear differential), am I just going to have to accept these sounds until the transaxle gets more mileage on it? I know even after 25k miles on my other ones they always made SOME small amount of noise when making these sharp turns, but this is noticeably louder.

Is this something that others have experienced as well? Car runs great, strong as hell, and is amazing on the highway (Track is improved over the BE.)


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I have kind of experienced it as I also am in my 3rd R35 and each time I have had a break between vintages. Not sure if you get used to no noise in normal cars and then it seems so much more amplified when you hop back into a GTR, or if the noises actually reduce over time or we get used to it. Most of my miles are hwy as well and 2000 miles in it seems to be just as noisy as day 1
When I rented an 09 last year, 18k miles and it made that awd noise when parking. Now, my own 09 with same mileage does not do this. I had the tranny rebuilt at Jacks and it's actually smoother with the new clutches but no AWD grab feeling/noise before or after. Maybe it depends from car to car?
This noise is actually caused by your center clutch binding, which causes the front tires to bind during a turn. It does it more on some cars, less on others, but it's actually normal to a degree. The noise will apear to come from the rear diff but it's not, it's actually the center clutch. My binding noise completely went away when I removed my FWD driveshaft after it snapped because the FWD clutch wasn't doing anything at this point. The center clutch/diff is sealed and has it's own fluid separate from the tranny fluid and It may be louder during break-in. Do you have your stock quilt in the back, or seats?
Yeah good point, very good point, I have less sound deadening then before. In my 2013 B.E. I had a aftermarket Sub and so I dynamatted the whole rear of the car, I bet that helps to reduce the sound too, and now with a Track Edition, you get no seat backs and no seat cushions, so that makes it more noticeable too.

Ok, I think I'll just keep driving it and see whats up. Like I said I was used to some degree of this, but its louder on this car then previous versions. Interestingly enough, I do love this one the best, god what a difference the Bilsteins make when shaking and baking in this car. Basically my old 'normal mode' is this cars 'soft mode' and this cars RACE MODE is like full on stiff race suspension. lol. Lots of fun..... for now.. lol.

Thanks everyone!
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