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Hi all, I feel defeated atm. I fitted catless downpipes and now have the P0420 & P0430 codes and a CEL.

I emailed the only authorised Cobb tuner here in Australia for help to deactivate the 2 codes in the canned tune, but for whatever reason they were unable to help. A tuner in the Uk wants $300 pounds for what I imagine is 5 minutes work to deactivate the 2 codes???

I believe that access tuner race can be used to change the two codes.

Is there a community member with access to: Access Tuner Race out there that would be willing to deactivate the codes P0420 & 30 for me for a fair price please? I can't upload the file here but will be happy to email it to someone.

Thanks guys!

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Yep, Big Daddy CEL fix...or if you're in a hurry, go to your local parts store & see if you can pick up a set of these. I fixed one of my co-workers G35x that was throwing those codes using these for $6.


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