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When Honda dropped the heavily-anticipated S2000 at the turn of the millennium, it was immediately met with high praise and multiple accolades from the automotive press. During its life span it won countless awards, including being named to Car and Driver's prestigious '10 Best List' for 4 out of it's first 5 years of production, as well as being named Car of the Year in Japan and New Zealand. In addition, the F20C powerplant (that remains unique to the S2000) was named 'International Engine of the Year' in the 1.8 to 2 liter category for 5 years in a row, and was featured on Ward's 10 Best Engines List for 2000 and 2001. The list goes on and on... Credit the team at Honda for introducing an unprecedented level of engineering to the open-air sports car market, especially at the $30,000 price point. But don't think for a second that this came about by accident. When it came time for Honda to transition the SSM Concept Car into the production S2000, the reigns for the project were handed to the same engineers that were responsible for their Formula 1 racing program. This resulted in a high-revving roadster built on a super stiff 'high x-bone' hybrid monocoque chassis, with independent double wishbones at all 4 corners, and a front mid-engine layout that resulted in a 50:50 distribution of weight front-to-rear, all powered by a 2 liter four-banger that screams to it's 9,000 rpm redline and belts out 240 hp. For 10 years, this engine also held the record for producing the highest specific power output for any mass-produced naturally-aspirated piston engine, at 120 hp per liter (only to be bested by the 458 Italia from Ferrari). Not a bad stat sheet. And while the stat sheet may be stacked, to us the S2000 is a blank canvas (and great foundation to build on).

While many early owners of S2000s were satisfied with the performance of the car out-of-the-box, enthusiasts were looking at new options for increasing the power. Most thought the output of the F20C would be limited, especially in forced-induction applications, due to its stratospheric 11.7:1 compression ratio. Some tuners utilized thick head gaskets to decrease the compression-ratio to a more boost-friendly 8.8:1. While this may have solved one issue, it created a few others. Besides the drop in power when the engine was below the boost-threshold, the thicker head gaskets caused unforeseen issues with the quench / squish areas of the combustion chamber and could also lead to pre-detonation due to this decrease in combustion efficiency. But fortunately it wasn't long before seasoned tuners began to understand that properly mapped fuel and ignition tables (coupled with stock compression) were the keys that would unlock an obscene amount of power out of the stock engine. (Nightmares about the S2K from hell , anyone?) This realization opened up a whole new reality for S2000 owners worldwide. And at a time when used versions can be found for as little as $10 grand, this discovery couldn't have come at a better time.

With the goal of building a Street-Wise S2K that could do battle with the best, Greg Barr did his due-diligence and decided to bring his '04 AP2 to T1 Race Development. In order to exploit the maximum potential of his roadster, boost will be the main ingredient in this recipe. As the throttle plate opens, air first enters the inducer of the billet compressor wheel on the big Precision 6765SP turbocharger and then gets whipped around and forced through the custom-fabricated polished aluminum piping and directed through the Precision Intercooler core where the temperature will be brought back down to tolerable levels before being fed into the engine. Meeting the air at the back of the intake valves will be E85 gasoline atomized at high-pressure by Injector Dynamics ID2000 fuel injectors. These injectors are fed by dual 340 lph in-tank fuel pumps mounted with a Full-Blown Dual Pump Hanger system. The fuel is then routed through a Weldon Fuel Filter via custom stainless-steel fuel lines, and into the Full Blown XXL Billet Fuel Rail. A Weldon A2040A regulator maintains steady fuel pressure, and rounds out the T1-spec fuel system for the S2K. A Full-Race tubular stainless-steel exhaust manifold was chosen to allow the larger-displacement F22C to efficiently exhale spent gases directly into the twin-scroll turbine housing of the T4-frame turbocharger. Twin Tial MVS 38mm wastegates will regulate boost levels and shoot-out any excess exhaust pressure via double-barrel-style dump tubes (pointed at the ground of course...) What doesn't escape through the dump tubes will end up expelled out of a custom T1 3.5" stainless-steel exhaust system. When the throttle plate slams shut as Greg grabs the next gear, excess boost pressure will be vented out the Tial blow-off valve and into the atmosphere. Any excess crankcase pressure will be relieved by the custom T1 Catch Can. Calling the shots for all of this action will be a K Pro engine management system, meticulously tuned on the state-of-the-art Mainline Dyno at T1.
All of this newfound power will be useless if you can't get it to the ground. So to alleviate any drivetrain issues, Greg opted to have T1 spec-out everything that would be needed to transmit the power to the pavement without worry. At the back of the engine, a Science of Speed twin-disc carbon/carbon clutch was installed. Behind that, a PPG 6-speed gearset will reside in the stock transmission case. Further down the driveline, the twisting force from the custom driveshaft will be turned 90 degrees as it gets routed through a Full-Blown Ford 8.8 rear-end conversion kit. The all-aluminum IRS housing contains a Ford Racing ring and pinion and a helical-gear Detroit True Trac Limited Slip Differential made by Eaton. From there, the power will be transmitted through the tried-and-true 3.9 axles manufactured by the Drive Shaft Shop before finally hitting the streets. While we still have a few loose ends to tie up, we thought we'd showcase the progress we've made with the project thus far. The real reward for Mr. Barr will be when we hand over the keys and he can slide behind the wheel of his Street-Wise S2K.
Stay tuned for more updates (including a custom dash, full photo shoot, and dyno results), coming soon...

The most anticipated S2K build I've ever seen. I never like S2K that much untill I saw this in person.

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Looks tasty.... sorta a long read was there power numbers? and exterior shots please!
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