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Finally we re getting close to the ultimate drive to the track package.

After two years of bad luck at le mans I get the very first lap in, on 1.1 bar boost so about 750hp (yes no crazy power as the build focus was on response and track rev range, max is 782hp on 1.2) not knowing the car's behaviour after one warm up lap so I left the R mode. It took me the first two/three corners to understand it, the feedback is crazy and basically you can adjust the car's placement in a curve just by lifting, braking or accelerating, the response of the human input is immediate, god they know their stuff in japan.

So, as i previously said, I only had bad luck at le Mans...I blew the OEM engine in the very first acceleration of the very first lap time attempt (the impressive blow up video is on my Instagram page

Once the new engine block was completed listening to autoselect's very wise brothers Eichiro and Seijiro (for the internals/turbos and ultimate handling also to kansai service advices and parts, very skillfully executed by gl rancing in france, we stayed as much as possible with jdm parts), it has only been rain+rain+ covid.......

So here i am, in the pitlane with only theories no practice, (I am stressed out because the day before I decided to oust rbf600 brake fluid for the endless one using the classical bleed method, I found out on the start up the next day that the brake pedal is way too soft, but decided to go anyway as i waited too long for this and i do not think it impacted the lap time very much but certainly screwed the day....).

Ok, back to the pitlane, there was an engine blow, so it was a red flag for about half an hour, I am sitting there with just one car in front of me, a friend with his McLaren 570s so I think for once I will have a clean lap which is very hard to get on those crowdy trackdays.

Moving on then...... as I do not know the new set up and the braking situation i won't go full boost but just set a base laptime to improve in the future. I will decide to stop going for a laptime after that as the pedal feel was inconsistent and mushy, the margin of error is so tight at those speeds and I do not want to end up ketchup in a wall or break this beautiful machine as i can easily get bitten by the kamikaze fly....

Green flag is in the air my fast brothers and I go :shiftdrive:. Please like/comment/subscribe


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Nice work. A second bleed now that fluid has been heat cycled will make a big difference in the pedal feel.
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