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AAM Competition Coming to the GTA - Tuning!

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AAM Competition is headed back to Toronto to meet several customers and tune GT-R's!

We will be in the Toronto area October 20[sup]th[/sup] & 21[sup]st[/sup]. I am going to be headed to Engineered Automotive again which is an awesome dyno facility. Engineered Automotive is professional, easy to deal with, and has been very accommodating.

For those of you who are still running the Cobb STG 1 or STG 2 mapping (or have tuning with the older V2 programming) this is a great opportunity to be updated to the latest & greatest the AccessPORT has to offer. Not only does tuning & updating to the latest V3 programming aid reliability, those using Cobb STG1 or Cobb STG2 maps can expect to gain a solid 30-50hp with tuning.

In addition to standard tuning we are equipped to setup & tune:
  • Larger Injector Tuning
  • R-MAF Sensor Tuning
  • Speed Density Tuning
  • 2012 GT-R Tuning
  • TCM Setup & Tuning
If you are interested or have any specific questions on GT-R tuning (or your GT-R in general) feel free to send me an e-mail

[email protected] .

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UPDATE: I will be in Toronto @ EA first thing Thursday morning. The dyno is scheduled at EA and everyone should have received their time slots and my contact number. We have space for two more GT-R's if anyone else is still interested - so if you would like your GT-R tuned and haven't signed-up already send me an e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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