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Hello everyone !

I have a question about the new TCM logging function that became available with the last Cobb update.

There is a new data point called TCM Engine Torque Output (in my case measured in Nm instead of lb-ft)

I just did a quick run down the road with a medium map and amongst a lot of other data points I have logged the TCM Torque.

Enclosed is a graph of the collected data, showing about 700 nm

How accurate is this data ? Is it actually measured by the TCM or is it just calculated and estimated ?
In other words: Is this a reliable data source to actually tune the car ? I would like to push my map a little more but at the same time I really prefer to stay within safe boundaries of the stock engine internals (rods), e.g. a good part less than 800 Nm.

Any feedback highly appreciated.

Thanks, Graf Allrad


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This parameter has little to do with actual engine torque unless the car is mostly stock. I would not use it to tune the torque curve on your car.
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