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Hey guys. Figured I'd spread the word for an awesome dealership I deal with. These guys are legit, true enthusiast who have been around a while and the only guys I let touch my GTR. Their master/GTR techs are very knowledge and down to earth. I talked to the owner today and he said he has ONE 2013 allocation left for the first shipment thats coming. ETA is around April.

He will order it however you'd like, any color combo and trim. At MSRP and not a penny more. So if you're looking to get your 2013 EARLY in the model year this is your chance. I believe all they are asking for is a small deposit.

The sales manager there is Lou Narcisi and he can be reached at 732-821-9300 Ext. 510

Acme Nissan
2050 U S 130,
South Brunswick, NJ
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