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NSX 2.0 will have 3.5 L 6 cylinder, AWD, Hybrid la di dah. Nothing to fear Mr Mizuno, your GTR will remain performance Shogun.

Made in Ohio? How can making anything in Ohio ever be exotic (with all due respect to the lovely folks of Ohio). I have a Louisiana made Nissan Armada and am not all that impressed (too many faults for me to ever buy another US made Nissan). A friend has a US made Toyota Sequoia and he is also less than happy, so how can Acura make its 'Halo', 'Pinnacle' offering in anywhere other than Japan, by specially chosen teams of experienced engineering specialists in gleaming white Doctor coats? Why undermine and undervalue your top offering? I JUST DON'T GET IT, MR ITO.

Ito said Acura would come to the UAE & Saudi Arabia. خبر خير "Khabar Khair" sarcastic Arabic for "Good News", where'v ya been baby? Lexus and Infiniti have been here for years, KIA & Hyundai are also well established, so good luck Ito-San you are gonna need it.

Now for the NSX2.
Where to start? I see in it something between the Audi Avus Concept and Audi R8, neither a bad thing. Relatively clean lines, almost European. No horrid, pecky, "beakiness" so many of the faithful were worried about. Beak remains, but is subdued.

3 Years till production? This is what really sucks. Come on Acura/Honda, fast track it and build the first batches in Japan.

I added some color here...

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