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After nearly 2 years and thousands of dollars our partners in Germany, ATT Tec have finally done it! ADV.1 Wheels is now an approved TUV manufacturing co. registered in their database. What this means is that our manufacturing methods, materials and test standards are all up to TUV's strict requirements and our wheels are tested / approved for use in Germany. What this does not mean is that our wheels do not require testing and can be sold freely in Germany however the initial process of testing and approval to even be registered with the TUV is really the most difficult part of the process. Now that the company is registered and added to their database we can begin the process of individually testing / certifying our wheels in each style, size, and application. In order to simply reach the point where you can submit wheels for testing approval you first need to bring all manufacturing methods and materials to their standards which is a huge undertaking.

TUV requires individual testing and certification documents for every single wheel style, in each size, for each application so there's still a long road ahead of us in order to be able to offer all styles to a wide range of vehicles. So far we officially have our ADV5.1 monoblock approved in 20x8.5+18 / 20x11+20 for BMW e92 M3. Each additional certification will only require roughly a week for testing / approval now that the TUV recognizes the company as an approved manufacturer, the majority of the paperwork and testing is not needed for each additional certification. Current plans for the remainder of 2012 will include 18 more certifications, 3 styles in both 1 piece and 3 piece track spec configurations, offered to 3 different vehicle platforms.

Although there is still a long way to go, this is a huge step in the process of opening the door to Germany. Currently the selection of wheels able to be sold is very limited and the only option enthusiasts have is to either choose from the limited selection of approved brands, mostly cast wheels or to risk fines and even the loss of their vehicles by driving without TUV certified products on their car. Now, through the efforts of our Exclusive German Distributors ATT-Tec, the German market will finally be able to enjoy our wheels without having to worry about the consequences of driving without approved aftermarket components on their vehicles.

Huge thanks to Markus and Erich from ATT-Tec / ADV.1 Germany for dedicating the last 2 years to making this happen, without them this would never be possible.

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