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I am currently running a 285/315 R888s on stock 20s wheels for track weekends. It's an '09 CBA.

I run in HPDE 2 should check ride into 3 next weekend. However, I am planning ahead for next season and I am wanting to drop down to 18s so they are easier to get to and from the track. I am leaning towards the Advan TC IIIs; I don't know which sizes to get though. So I figured I would ask you all for some advice.

The vision for my build is to get the Ben Sopra Race fenders that add an extra +30mm up front (plus the Ben Sopra Race front bumper) so I would be looking at an Advan TC III to fit this setup. I am lost in the sauce when it comes to offsets. But I love when the fender well is filled and the tire is close to the edge but doesn't poke.

I'll probably stick with the R888 since I know how this tire reacts with the car but would you guys recommend a 305/315, 315/315, or 315/335. Or would those throw the computer off?

Only suspension mods are F/R sways and JRZ Pro Silent coilovers.

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With 30mm more room up front, I'd run a square set of 18x11 +15 all around. On this you could then run 315 R888 all around as well. As long as the tires have the same diameter, the computer won't have any issues, however if you choose a 26" tall tire when the car came with 28" tall tires, you are in essence lowering your car without springs. If you then also have the coils cranked down, you are likely to have ground clearance issues.

Let me know if I can help with the TCIII. Standard fitment for stock fenders is 18x10 +35 / 18x11 +15.

I have my annual JDM wheel sale going which covers Advan, Volk, and a few others. Biggest sale of the year by far.

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