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The technology is scalable. Don't think it is limited to 300 HP. That's just the first example. It's easy to make heavy strong parts. The trick is light strong parts.
The Carillos are light and strong. for the RB26 633 grams stock vs 507 grams for the Carillo. In an RB, I would trust those rods out to over 150 hp per hole.

Its all just a matter of cost. You can build light and strong. You can build cheap and light. Much more difficult to build, cheap, light, and strong.

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They look scary thin.

Here is an example of a stock RB26 rod to a Carillo, Pauter, and aluminum

RB26 stock rod -633 grams 121.5 C-C

Carillo H-Beam - 507 grams each- saves 1.679 lbs to stock
Pauter X- Beam - 541 grams each

Aluminum - 464 grams

Hi, I'm one of the authors of that article and the corresponding SAE paper 2010-01-0420 (came across this while googling for the automotive engineering link). Yes, it is scary light, and most people are shocked when they hold it in their hand! But it also works in that application and we have yet to fail a test with it. I also would not run boost on it, but I wouldn't run boost on any production conrod if I wanted factory durability. This conrod would resist buckling up to around 450HP but would eventually fail in fatigue at those loads. Obviously this specific design was tailor-made to the engine that it was installed in, but the principle discussed is true for almost any engine: 20-40% mass reduction over existing design due to advanced design techniques and high strength material. Keep in mind that this is a material and design that can be forged and machined in large scale production for the same cost as a conventional conrod, so it is not going to be able to compete with expensive Titanium or heat treated high carbon steel rods. Unfortunately, MAHLE does not produce aftermarket conrods.
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