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Any experience with LC5 on upgraded turbos gt-r?
MY biggest problem, I can't good launch with LC2 3750rpm at warmer ambient temps(above 18celsius), car was bogged.
Cooler temps good launch. I tried LC4 in the last year, but after few test(20-25) broken my 6th gear, we must opened trannny, we looked the clutch, burnt clutch discs a bit, I tought LC4 too much clutch sliping cause these fail. Also I was weird feeling while launch with LC4 at highest boost level, too much clutch sliping and weird whine noise after the clutch dropped.
I did went to back to LC2, but my problem isn't solved.
I installed LC5 few days ago, driving smoother than before, i tried one launch at lower boost 1.7bar with 3800rpm limit, much better feel than LC4, car was bog a bit, but I'll try any different rpm launch in the next time, I made few ecu maps for dif. rpm's.
3800, 4000,4200 if I tried all with 1.7bar and 2bar boost, then I'll try 4400-4500rpm, but I don't want burn clutch again.
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