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This has been long overdue.....but i finally have some free time to be able to post up my build thread on my 2014 GTR,Which will continue to be updated as things progress.

A bit of back story, I had a 2010 Solid Red GTR that i had purchased new from Fontana Nissan in March 2011, and had done some work here and there on it, got a bit tired of the color and had wrapped it Bright Orange and had created this thread.

Fast forward to October 2013 the opportunity presented itself to upgrade my GTR, so i traded in my car to Fontana Nissan for a new 2014 Pearl White GTR, alongside the trade all of my parts from my old car were swapped over to the new one. Big thanks to Fontana for helping me with that!! So I get the car prepped and I got to display it at SEMA, Where I had the oppurtunity to spend time with Kato San the owner of Liberty Walk. After I returned the car sat for a few months waiting on some reconstructive surgery ;)

Now I know that some people dislike modifying the beautifully designed body of the GTR, but I wanted something a bit different as I will be doing a bit of everything with this car from it being my weekend driver, to car shows and even hititng the track with it too,so this worked out best for me

As many of you know Im in the Air Force and am constanly limited on my time,resorces and funding so I must say this project could not of come together if it was not for the help of some great friends,teammates and sponsors.
They offered up their help running erranrds for me and working on the car while i was away, to letting me stay at their homes every weekend while i was down in LA working on the car. As well as being able to assist with getting the right parts on the car for the build.

I would like to say Thank You to

Randy Riggs, Danh Vo, Marty Huynh,Team R-RYDES & Ryan Aberg

My Sponsors

Fontana Nissan & The Nissan Raceshop - The owner Mike Cronin has been such a pleasure to work with, ive never had to pay more then MSRP on either of my 2 GTR purchases, the service staff is straightforward and doesnt rip you off,The GTR Tech Chris Heimburg is so knowledgable and always their to help and answer any questions, and Scott Vanderheide and Juan Vargas always have such great deals on parts in the nissan race shop!!

Auto Explosion Auto Body in Gardena California- Damian and Esteban are such great guys!! Honestly was the only spot I could really trust being able to do a meticulous job and have the attention to detail on so many facets of this build,without raping you when it comes to doing a job of this caliber

SSR Wheels- Ive been working with SSR for over 2 years now, and must say it has been something so easy and flawless to work with them, they are always their to help communicate and keep me updated on the wheel build and time frame expected to arrive from Japan, they are a great JDM Company with a solid background. Their wheels come in many great styles and designs from 1 piece forged wheels, to 3 piece set up and is greatly priced for a JDM Wheel....and in my opinion better then spending 10K on some wheels i see on the forum lol

Toyo Tires- Is such a great tire manufacturer,Ive been running R888 on my car for the last 3 years and cant imagine running any other tire. As most GTR people know these tires are the best tires FTW!!

Greddy- Since my old evo days I have been a big fan of the quality,craftsmanship and outstanding customer service of Greddy products. I love the fact that they are track proven and are proven producing numbers thus it was an easy choice to want to outfit my GTR with the right parts to get the numbers i want!!

SP Engineering- I will be geting my GTR Tuned very shortly there, they are such a great group!!! Alex, Eugene and the gang just build them right!!

ASNU Injectors- White car and black smoke not a good combo!! I want to say thank you to Phil for being able to assist me in this venture and helping me run the best injectors out there in the GTR Market today!!

Koyo Radiator- Big ups to Koyo for helping me out to keep those temps cool while im in the desert or on the track!!

AutoTecknic- Man.....these Paddle Shifters are simply amazing!!!Nissan should have produced them like this from the factory!! But im so glad that AutoTecknic did!! I love the way it feels shifting and its such an eye catching look in the car too, a must buy for any GTR owner!!

DCT Motorsports- Gosh I love the feeling of my Dry Carbon steering wheel, and the fact that you can customize it to make your own!! One of those other must buy for GTR owners!! I choose mine with a flat bottom, with white stitching and a white ring on the top to match the interior.

Mothers Polish- Lastly i need to keep the car clean...and there is no shine like a mothers shine, I must say ive tried many cleaning products and have been really happy with how their stuff turns out, especially the quick detail spray, whuch is my bread and butter!

This is an ongoing project and will be updated according to the progress. So here is a ongoing spec sheet


1st US Liberty Walk Widebody GTR
1ST DBA GTR in the world with the Liberty Walk kit - This was something i was a bit worried about as it had not been tested with the updated rear diffuser, luckily it all worked out for me and i think it looks great!!
Painted Pearl White paint with Nebula Opal Black Paint accents
Seibon Dry Carbon GT hood
Custom Dual Projector headlights,LED sidemarkers created by FLYRYDE


Bride Cuga & Bride Vorga Carbon Fiber backed Seats
Carbon Fiber Rear Seat Delete
Sparco Custom Painted Pearl White Harness Bar
TAKATA MPH Series Harnesses with TAKATA Pads
DCT Motorsports Custom Dry Carbon Steering wheel wrapped in Leather with white stitching
Autotecknic Custom Painted Pearl White Paddle Shifters


1st set in the US- SSR Executor CV03 Wheels, painted Gun metallic Gray 20X11 FRONT, 20X12 REAR
Toyo Proxes R888 285/35/20 Front / 315/30/20 Rear


Standard Suspension R7TA Coilovers
Whiteline 33mm Front sway bar 2 point adjustable
Whiteline 20mm Rear Sway Bar 3 point adjustable
Whiteline Anti Lift/Caster correction kit -Front control arms lower inner rear bushings
Whiteline Camber Correction kit - Front control arm upper inner bushing
Whiteline Front Sway Bar Link Assembly
Whiteline Rear Sway Bar Link Assembly
Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads
Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake lines Front & Rear

Engine Bay

(Waiting on a few more parts to arrive, but below is a mix of what i already have and what is going to be tentatively on the car very soon)

SP Engineering 650 plus Kit with SPE Custom tune
Greddy Downpipes
Greddy Midpipe
Greddy Racing Titanium Exhaust
Greddy Long Tube Intake System
Greddy Type 29 XL intercooler
Greddy Intake Manifold with piping kit
HKS Spark Plugs Range 9
ASNU 1100cc Injectors
Walbro 270LPH Fuel Pump System
COBB AccessPORT V3 006 with Transmission Control Module/ Custom Painted Pearl White
Koyo Radiator
Jun Radiator Reservoir tank

Low and behold...... The pictures....I cant seem to grab them from where they are hosted as the site is blocked but i will do that when able.....hope you all enjoy

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Hood Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive mirror Car
Tire Vehicle Wheel Hood Automotive tire
Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Automotive lighting Light


The World Warrior
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Your car is sick!!!!!!

I like how you kept it low key for so long until someone leaked it at a car meet.

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This post needs more pictures

2,201 Posts
Can appreciate the work that must've gone into it, but man it looks amateur hour (even if it isn't).

Strong opinion, care to share details on that or share your GT-R build?

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F-111 for the win

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Strong opinion, care to share details on that or share your GT-R build?
Alas, I have no gtr yet. I wouldn't say it's a strong opinion, just mine. I mean no disrespect, it's clear a lot of work goes into the kit, just to me it doesn't come together well at all. All the visual gaps (made worse by the car being white perhaps?) just to me make it look a bit haphazard.

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