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AKUMA Motorsports: Whats going on today....

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Thought we would have a daily(well as often as I update type of thread. Kind of see what is going on here. Here are a few pics to check out. R33, R35, and a 350Z we are doing a turbo install and promo video shoot). Enjoy!


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Brilliant. Love the shop guys, looks like some killer projects on the go there.

Orange R33 and 2012 R35 on LM's!? Damn guys, you just ruined my day lol!
sexy ass rides!
nice rides!
We finished up the alignment, corner balance, tune and Whiteline goodies on the SSP/AKUMA GTR for the Global Time Attack in Joliet....the Perrin GTX 35R kit is going on one of our builds with a Cosworth block and other goodies. The Z has the Momentum turbo kit we are working video to follow. The white 2012 GTR has the cage in and our IC pipes going out for powder....The two dogs are Zoe and Herb Dean, our watch dogs.

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John, when you said the cosworth block, did you mean in the gtr? Can you elaborate?
Suby Dyno tune, and some goodies for the shop Evo X...Trans w/new final drive, and the much awaited Kelford C from New Zealand..Yeaa!!!

The Cosy motor is in the Subaru, however we are pricing out a full bottom end fo the Cosy motor as we speak.

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Can I say that I am officially jealous? LOL

I gotta swing by the shop and check these out in person. Let me know how the new GT X series turbos are ;)

Also, congrats on the new dogs! Me and the misses just got a new puppy as well lol. Best of luck.
Thanks B. Hope all is well. Send my regards to the misses.
Great cars and great work as always John, keep it up
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Some daily pics....We are very excited to be working with HeadGames for our head work moving forward. Dave and Company are nasty at what they do.

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The wife dresses them.

For the shop Evo X head. Headgames is doing the work and I am really excited. It is our new 2.2L offering for the EVO X guys...2.2L, Manley crank, JE Assymetric pistons, ACL, Manley Rods, 1/2" headstudsetc...should be killer
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Prototype brake duct kit-

Back from the powder coater-

Some Subies to be tuned today-
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Few more updates here at Akuma Motorsports,

The Akuma Evo X is going back together, new setup, more power. :devil:

Inside the engine bay now resides our 2.2L Stroker motor, topped off with the head that was massaged by the best in the biz, Dave @ Headgames. To round it off, an FP Black, some BIG cams, this thing should be an animal.

Here's some eye candy

[email protected]

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Another project we have going on over here at Akuma, a 2012 GTR.

This GTR is going to be no joke! Has our Stage 2 turbos, Full turbo back exhaust, injectors, fuel pumps, upper and lower IC piping the list goes on. The customer went the extra mile to be unique, we pulled a lot of the interior out of the car, so that he could have it custom upholstered in suede, and some carbon bits also. Also a set of really nice limited edition Recaro ASM's (autobacs) replaced the factory seats. All the IC piping, the intake manifold, Brembos and brake hubs were powder coated candy red.

[email protected]

Eye Candy

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Can you get some better pictures of that steering wheel ??
Jeremy, the car just left, but will be back next week sometime, ill grab some pics for you when it gets back

Some more updates over here at Akuma,

We have yet another project GTR......

This GTR is coming in factory stock, the owner wanted to wait for warranty to expire before going into the world of modifications. Well he is definitely jumping right in. This GTR is getting the works,Akuma Stage 1 turbos, injectors, fuel pumps, Akuma full turbo back exhaust, Akuma big MAF intakes, 800 HP SSP clutch packs, the list goes on. The owner is going to be in for one hell of a surprise when he gets his car back

Another zero to hero project that is getting wrapped up now, is this customers 08 STI. This car came in as a stage 2 STI with a blown motor. We played doctor, and now residing between the frame rails is a Cosworth short block, stock heads cleaned up by Headgames, a Perrin GT35R turbo kit, Perrin FMIC, and supporting mods. This guy is also in for the ride of his life going from a stage 2 car to a built 35R car.

Another Suby build, car came in already built, AMS 35R turbo kit, AMS FMIC, Fuel system, etc, unfortunately, it had a bad leak down result, so out came the motor, and we will be fixing his problem, and then on the dyno she goes.

Forgot to mention, this STI only has 15000 original miles

custom flake paint, looks frosted in person

Today, we are doing a full race alignment and corner balance on this prestine EVO IX MR. This car is immaculate, very clean, very simple.

Also today we will be swapping out fuel injectors for bigger ones on this customers 03 wrx with hybrid motor. Full hawkeye conversion

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